THE TEXIAN: About That CIA’s Rainbow-Themed Virtue Signaling

Published on June 12, 2023

ClashDaily’s contributor ‘The Texian

Between Biden’s bribery, Tucker Vs. FoxNews and the Trump indictment, last week was a little bit busy, and a couple of stories slipped by us here at ClashDaily.

Including that one about the CIA’s weird social media message in which the words CIA and PRIDE were intersecting.

You may have seen it.

CIA Pride month

Here’s a taste of the story that ClashDaily’s contributor ‘The Texian’ is responding to:

The CIA’s “WELCO-ME” pride month initiative quickly drew criticism from Twitter users who called out the government agency for “re-branding.”

“CIA’s 2023 theme for #Pride Month is WELCO-ME! Wellness, Equity, LGBTQ+, Community, Openness, ME!” the CIA shared in a Twitter post Thursday revealing their plans for June pride month. “Pride Month is an occasion for all of us at the Agency to pay tribute to the rich history, community, and mission contributions of our LGBTQ+ officers. #Pride2023.

“CIA promoting transgender extremist mutilation of children,” Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, wrote of the spy agency.

Ben Shapiro, host of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” called the tweet “wildly dystopian.”


“Can’t believe this is real,” Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio, wrote.— FoxNews

The Texian’s response…

As I’ve been saying…

“Re-branding US foreign policy and the US intelligence agencies, including the CIA, as a crusade for LGBTQ2AI+ rights is a truly genius feat of marketing,” journalist Glenn Greenwald said. “It’s one of the reasons – not the only – that US liberals now regards the CIA and US foreign policy as so benevolent.”

Note: “AI” is now tagged onto the New World Order (NWO) Human demolition campaign, by the Central Intelligence Agency. This is the point. This has always been their point. The NWO want to “transition” every Human into a flesh slave for labor and rape. They want to eliminate Human free will entirely.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12

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