Canada’s MAiD Death Cult Adds New Wrinkle: Financial Entanglements

Written by Wes Walker on June 12, 2023

[NOTE: this article includes commentary reflection the author’s opinion.]

Trudeau’s government has gone way past just legalizing ‘Medical Assistance in Dying’ … Canadian corporations are now working it into their business models.

Since being legalized in 2015, the Canadian government has been eager to cull useless eaters from the federal ledger offer medical assistance in suicide.

The argument for granting the government power to offer medicalized murder is not a new one. Nor is the modern left the first ‘progressive’ group to follow this practice in the name of science.

The debate about the ‘particulars of application’ in the practice of health officials becoming specialists in death has lost sight of the larger issue which involves lessons we have failed to learn about this practice in the past.

First, the dark history we’ve all forgotten:

This is not modern medical science’s first foray down the path of medicalized killing. Nor is it the first time we’ve offered it in the name of a ‘greater good’.

The Times of Israel shared a story commemorating a somber historical anniversary.

Eighty years ago this week, the most lethal “T4” euthanasia center began implementing “merciful deaths” for physically and mentally disabled Germans.

Hartheim Castle was not far from Austria’s Linz, where Adolf Hitler grew up. With Renaissance roots, the sprawling castle’s colonnaded courtyard was used by the Nazis for one of Hartheim’s two crematoria.

The plan for so-called “useless eaters” to be killed came from Nazi theories of eugenics, “racial hygiene,” and social Darwinism. By the end of the war, an estimated 230,000 people with physical or mental disabilities were murdered in “T4” and its successor program, sometimes called “wild euthanasia.”

After “T4” was supposedly halted in 1941, dozens of the Hartheim staff made their way to occupied Poland. At Chelmno, Sobibor, and Treblinka, they applied their know-how from the euthanasia centers to set up the first death camps for Jews.

“The death camps that followed took the technology to a new level,” said historian Michael Berenbaum. “The extermination camps could kill thousands at one time and burn their bodies within hours.” — Times of Israel

[Emphasis added]

For a government that enjoys throwing around terms like ‘Nazi’ and ‘fascist’, you’d think they would be more conscious of that expression involving stones and glass houses.

One of their signature policies is ‘literally’ lifted from the Third Reich. But we’re supposed to support it because it’s for the greater good.


But then again, didn’t Hitler’s people use that same ‘greater good’ rationale?

Shifting from the Macro to the Micro

That big picture story stands against a backdrop of what’s going on now.

Now that doctor-assisted death is legal, you are not obligated to spend your final hours in a medical clinic. They do house calls.

But there’s still the issue of dealing with the remains left behind after the ‘patient’ finally ‘checks out’. That’s where professional burial and embalming come into play.

It wasn’t long before one enterprising funeral director saw a business opportunity.

Since they already have the kind of facilities someone would set up for solemn services, and they are already able to handle the (billable service) of proper preparation and interment/cremation of human remains, why not offer a bundle and bring in some potential customers that might have used a competitor’s funeral home for the memorial services?

A funeral home in Canada has decided to make euthanasia even more appealing by offering patients a room where they can undergo assisted suicide right on-site.

The Haut-Richelieu funeral home in Quebec is offering a $700 service that allows assisted suicide or euthanasia in its showroom.

The package, which is being described as “turnkey” comes as a growing number of Quebec citizens are choosing Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), the country’s term for legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide. The province saw 63 MAiD deaths in 2015-2016 and a staggering 3663 in 2021-2022.

“We were a little cautious at the start, because it may seem opportunistic for a funeral home, but honestly, our approach to customers is always done in a state of benevolence,” a company counselor told LaPresse.

“With medical assistance in dying, it takes a company anyway to pick up the remains. It’s essential,” one doctor told LaPresse. ”So if for an additional fee they provide people with a living room for a few hours before medical assistance in dying, why not? It’s a matter of personal choice.” — Live Action

If Canadian funeral homes embrace widespread adoption of this practice, it will be further normalized as ‘just another option on the menu’.

Why should anyone who isn’t grappling with a serious illness care about this issue?

Answering that question requires another look at the Times of Israel story.

It should raise a red flag or two that some of the very same people running the show in the Nazi Death camps were ‘medical professionals’ were the same employees who had already been desensitized to these practices.

Deliberate death in a clinical setting was no longer shocking after their extensive ‘justified’ culling of the physically or mentally disabled.

Canadian medical staff involved in MAiD have already stated in interviews that their initial moral resistance to killing patients has faded through familiarity.

Once you’ve made the justification to kill one category of human with this method, you’ve already jumped the highest moral hurdle that would keep decent people from pressing further.

Any step beyond that is just a matter of recalibrating the moral justification’s goalposts.

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