WATCH: BlackRock CEO Admits ‘ESG’ Term Now Unusable — DeSantis Campaign Hit Them Hard

Written by Wes Walker on June 27, 2023

DeSantis’s ‘Where Woke Goes To Die‘ slogan just got a BIG boost… from one of the targets it was taking on.

As GOP support closes ranks around Trump in response to Team Biden’s indictments, there hasn’t been much good news for the DeSantis team to crow about. THIS is one of the bright points.

We’ll cover three ideas:
1) Why the Agenda of BlackRock’s CEO REALLY matters to ordinary Americans
2) What that Fink’s Agenda was
3) How DeSantis has scored a victory over that agenda

Why the BlackRock agenda matters to YOU

Larry Fink is the CEO of BlackRock.

If you are wondering why so much of Wall Street is happily frog-marching along to radical agendas that seem to be diametrically opposed to their own brand and bottom line, you can look to him, and others like him.

He’s a hedge fund manager with trillions of dollars of stock under his management. With that kind of control comes a lot of voting shares.

Little people talk about ‘other people’s money’ in terms of investments. This guy talks about other people’s money in terms of remaking the world in his own image.

His corporation manages stock portfolios, retirement funds and other similar big-dollar investments. Other people had them money and BlackRock does the investing.

How Fink likes to throw his weight around

BlackRock uses their shareholder status to dictate the agenda of Fortune 500 companies. Again, not with shares they control with their OWN money, with shares backed by their investors.

This is how you get strange situations where large Oil companies wind up with radical green activists appointed to their board of directors, or so many companies buying into the ‘ESG scores’ set by the radical left.

Until recently, he was more than happy to talk about his totalitarian inclinations:

If memory serves, this video is the one that had resurfaced from several years ago:

This one was more recent in which he explained to us poor plebes that what markets aCkShUaLlY like are totalitarian governments:

Thanks, Larry, for showing us your true nature.

You like leveraging the power BlackRock has to control the rest of us AND you admire totalitarians. No wonder he was excited about a Biden presidency:

“They’re looking for a voice that moderates, not a voice that incites,” the BlackRock chief said, according to a transcript viewed first by CNN Business. “I truly believe President-elect Biden can be that voice of reason.” — CNN, 2020

A win for DeSantis

That was BEFORE DeSantis declared war on companies like BlackRock leveraging investor money against the best interests of citizens that invested it in the first place.

Suddenly, Fink is singing a very different tune. He his specifically naming DeSantis.

He’s suddenly ‘ashamed’ of ESG.

Because he was wrong to treat the ‘little people’ like pawns to be moved around on a chessboard?

No. Of course not.

He’s ‘ashamed’ of the term because it will no longer take us to where he has decided we need to go.

Not to worry, he’ll soon find another vehicle to accomplish the same coercive objective… whether it means repackaging the existing one in a more innocuous form, or coming up with some entirely new way of controlling the narrative, and the culture.

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