WATCH: McCarthy Is Gearing Up To Impeach AG Garland … Has A Date In Mind

Written by Wes Walker on June 26, 2023

Why do so few of us trust the DOJ and the FBI? Mostly because of how it’s being run by partisan hacks.

We have growing evidence that AG Garland is acting as little more than Joe Biden’s hatchet-man and fixer, attacking his foes and protecting his friends.

Multiple whistleblowers are accusing Garland of directly interfering in investigations, including, specifically, Hunter Biden’s.

Only a few days ago, Garland responded to whistleblower accusations by going on offence. He called criticism of the FBI an ‘attack on democracy’.

That’s a bold take for an AG to make when he’s suspected of carrying water for a President who has been credibly accused of taking multiple seven-figure bribes from (potentially hostile) foreign actors in exchange for political favors.

With evidence mounting, McCarthy is moving ahead with impeachment of AG Garland.

“By July 6, because of the allegations by the IRS, because of the whistleblower, and the DOJ – Garland – what he is saying and what David Weiss is saying privately are two different things,’ the speaker said.”

Garland can pound his chest about his own virtue all he wants, but he’s still got to contend with specific pieces of evidence in the record that make his own claims ring hollow.

And Rep Comer isn’t even CLOSE to finished with the evidence he has been digging up. Comer is calling for Garland to go.

Every company named in that whistleblower deposition was a shell company that had been named by GOP oversight.

The IRS knew about it. They had records, but nothing came of them.

House Oversight just received another trove of bank records this past week. They are being processed. They will show more wires from more countries.

So far, only China and Romania have been disclosed by GOP oversight. There are still announcements to be made about a number of what Comer calls ‘mysterious wires’ from China, Ukraine, and Russia.

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