Biden’s Already Got A ‘Workaround’ To Unlawfully Deliver Student Debt ‘Relief’ (VERITAS VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 3, 2023

Getting stuff done is so much easier for radicals with an agenda who don’t care about trivialities like the rule of law.

Team Biden learned some big lessons from Obama’s experiments like the DREAMers.

Just because you can’t legally do something, doesn’t mean anyone can stop you. And the really horrific stuff? Once’ the damage is done, it’s almost impossible to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

We’ve seen it with the border, with ‘equity’ stripping away our equality under the law, and now… by usurping Congress’s Power Of The Purse (again!) to bribe voters with taxpayer money.

Just because SCOTUS told Biden he isn’t allowed to offer this debt forgiveness doesn’t mean that he won’t look for ways to do it anyway.

Project Veritas got the inside skinny on how Joe Biden has been working with unregistered lobbyists to set up a work-around for the SCOTUS ruling that was almost certainly going to work around them. Here’s a video with Makese Motley of Chiefs For Change explaining the behind-the-scenes working to make even upper-middle-class income earners eligible for ‘zero-dollar’ loan repayment schemes on the backs of taxes paid by truck drivers, line cooks, and retail workers.

Sure, the Heroes Act money scheme was unconstitutional.

So what? It let them run out the clock on a few years while it was tied up in courts.

To Democrats trying to buy votes, it achieved the intended result.

In the eyes of Democrats, it was a total win, because it served its purpose in buying votes and motiving college students to join the GOTV army for Democrats.

Biden solemnly promised he would have some kind of a new way to deliver on this promise that had been ruled unconstitutional. What the public didn’t know (because Mr. Motley told us the information wasn’t public yet) was this plan had already been lined up and was ready to go… with the help of some billionaire Democrat backers named in the video.

As of Friday, Project Veritas released the video on the plan being cooked that would let Joe Biden hold a scepter like a king, completely blowing off Congress on adding some obscene new numbers to our debt.

Like clockwork, Biden came out with an announcement on Friday, describing this ‘new plan’.

Wouldn’t you know it? It takes exactly the shape described in this video!

“Earlier today, the Department of Education finalized our new income-driven repayment plan, Saving on A Valuable Education (SAVE), which will be the most affordable repayment plan in history,” Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said in a statement. “It will cut monthly payments to zero dollars for millions of low-income borrowers, save all other borrowers at least $1,000 per year, and stop runaway interest that leaves borrowers owing more than their initial loan.”

“Finally, the Department is providing a 12-month on-ramp transition period that will help ensure borrowers smoothly and successfully return to repayment without falling into delinquency or default. Borrowers who can make payments should do so as payments will resume and interest will accrue, but the on-ramp to repayment will help borrowers avoid the harshest consequences of missed, partial, or late payments like negative credit reports and having loans referred to collection agencies,” Cardona added.


Borrowers who originally had smaller balances – defined by the agency as $12,000 or less – will be eligible for forgiveness of their remaining balances after 120 payments, or the equivalent of 10 years in repayment. An additional 12 payments will be added to that figure for each additional $1,000 borrowed above that level up to a maximum of 20 years for undergraduate loans and 25 years for graduate loans. –Fox Business

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