BUSTED: Biden’s CBP On Video Cutting Razor Wire Letting Immigrants Into Texas

Written by Wes Walker on July 3, 2023

States concerned about their sovereignty and Biden’s administration could not be any further apart.

With the permission of the private landowner, Texas put up razor wire as a deterrent to illegal entry. Biden’s border people walked right up to that private property, cut the razor wire, and allowed illegal immigrants to waltz right in over the border.

Biden and Abbott have very different understandings about what their responsibilities on the border actually are.

Abbott has been locking it down wherever he can, whether with concertina wire on private property, ordering a physical barrier to be anchored in the Rio Grande to make crossing difficult, and arresting people caught committing crimes.

Biden, on the other hand, has used every tool at his disposal to throw open the border as wide as possible.

The philosophical difference came into real conflict in a situation where Texas had the private landowners’s permission to erect a razor wire deterrent… only to see Border Patrol cut through it and let the illegal immigrants pass freely onto the private land.

The response?

Federal responsibility? Yes. It is.

A responsibility they have abandoned.

That doesn’t mean the states have no recourse to act in their own best interests in the case of willful negligence on the federal government’s part.

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