BOMBSHELL: Project Veritas Provides Audio Of Ashley Biden CONFIRMING The Disturbing Diary Is Hers

Written by K. Walker on July 31, 2023

Project Veritas posted a video on Monday that included never-before released audio of a phone call with Ashley Biden confirming that the diary that they turned over to police was hers.

In September 2020, Project Veritas received a call on its tip line claiming to have Ashley Biden’s “pretty crazy” diary along with some clothing, luggage, and other personal effects in their possession. That call along with the fallout for investigative journalists doing their job is explained in the video by new Project Veritas CEO, Hannah Giles.

From Project Veritas:

In the Fall of 2020, Project Veritas was approached by tipsters claiming they had Ashley Biden’s diary. Veritas had neither met nor heard of these individuals prior thereto. Each of the tipsters indicated they had acquired the diary and personal effects of Ashley Biden after they had been abandoned in a room where Ms. Biden had stayed at that time. The tipsters also claimed the diary included explosive allegations against then-Presidential candidate and current sitting President, Joe Biden.
We took steps to corroborate the authenticity of the diary but, ultimately, made the decision not to publish. We attempted to return the diary to an attorney representing Ms. Biden, Roberta Kaplan. Project Veritas then gave the diary to law enforcement to return it to its rightful owner. Soon after, we learned in 2021 that the Department of Justice began investigating the issue a year prior, claiming the diary was stolen. In November of 2021, James O’Keefe’s and two other Veritas journalists’ homes were subjected to pre-dawn FBI raids. Documents obtained by Project Veritas later revealed that details of the investigation were leaked to journalists at the New York Times during the raids.
Source: Project Veritas

[09.03.2020] VERITAS TIP LINE: “… Ashley Biden was staying in this room and they found her diary, all her clothes, luggage, pills… The diary is pretty crazy.”

[10.08.2020] ASHLEY BIDEN: “I am Ashley Biden. It is my stuff.”

While the tipster said that the items were found abandoned in a rental property, Ashley Biden claimed that the items were stolen.

In October, PV sent a letter to the Biden campaign requesting a one-on-one interview regarding the “sensitive” entries about him in the diary — including an entry by Ashley Biden stating that she remembers showering with her dad.

More about what was in the diary can be found here:

WATCH: Tucker Ask Some HARD Questions About Allegations In Biden’s Daughter’s Diary

After no response from the letter, a follow-up email by PV’s Chief Legal Officer was sent. A few days later, Ashley Biden’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan replied, “We should send to the Southern District of New York.” An SDNY investigation into Project Veritas was opened on that same day.

As a result, three Project Veritas reporters, including then-CEO James O’Keefe, were subjected to pre-dawn raids by the FBI.

Watch the Project Veritas report:

In May 2022, when appearing before the House Judiciary Committee on a hearing about the FBI’s overreach on members of the press, O’Keefe said, “In short, we did nothing wrong other than the non-crime of investigating a story, as journalists do.”

It sure does look like the FBI and DOJ have been weaponized under this Biden administration, and even the press isn’t immune.

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