Guess Which 2020 Leftist Policy Caused Inner City Deaths To Skyrocket?

Written by Wes Walker on July 24, 2023

The data is in. And it’s ugly.

We’re talking specifically about the statistics for ‘excess deaths’. And we’re drawing a direct connection to the Defund-the-police movement that kicked into overdrive in response to the BLM riots.

For all the times the left loves to leverage ‘black and brown people affected most’ in their politicized statistics, there’s one place you will never see them cite it: in connection to the direct impact of ANY left-wing policy.

That includes this one raised by GOP presidential candidate Larry Elder:

Here’s an instance where the left can actually say that the heaviest burden fell on the shoulders of poor minorities in the inner city.

But for some reason, they don’t want to talk about it — at least, not in terms of what could be driving those figures.

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