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Detransitioner Regrets Castration: He Wasn’t A ‘Girl’… He Was Gay

Do the folks who so loudly denounced the use of therapy as a resource for people who struggled with homosexual inclinations realize they have been championing the surgical equivalent?

Kobe, who was an effeminate boy told his parents he was transsexual when he was eleven. They didn’t take it seriously, so he tried a different approach when he was thirteen. He calls this approach ‘suicide tactics’. (Sound familiar?)

For Kobe, transitioning wasn’t becoming the girl he always believed himself to be. It was a way of escaping the implications of his homosexual inclinations.

His plan to force his parents’ hand worked just as those who coached him to do so said it would. (Keep that in mind when you hear anyone bring up the would you rather have a live son / dead daughter argument.)

‘The older trans people teach us to say that stuff to get the health care and everything.’

From there, he was placed on puberty blockers and then estrogen at the age of 16 before he later had castration surgery at 19.

Despite all of this, Kobe said that it did nothing to help with his mental health and wasted time.

Kobe continued: ‘I was like, ‘Oh, wow, this is so great. I’m locked in my transition, but then everything started to crack and I couldn’t ignore the complications.

‘I couldn’t ignore that I mutilated myself pretty much with the permission of a psychiatrist. It’s insane now, looking back. It’s just self-harm, you know.’

He now suffers from permanently stunted growth because of the puberty blockers and also suffers from chronic pain in his spine and is to be checked for osteoporosis. — DailyMail

As for the guilt trip that activists throw in our faces — the claim that it is cruel to make someone go through the ‘wrong’ puberty and compassionate to affirm children in this decision — failed to deliver on that promise.

Not only did transitioning fail to deliver on the mental health benefits it had promised, but it took a heavy toll on his body.

The psychologists also failed him when they signed off on authorization for his receiving the hormone replacement therapy. They were obligated to determine whether he was happy and mentally stable before giving approval. They claimed he was exactly that, but by Kobe’s own admission, he was not even close to happy or mentally stable. Not only was he unhappy, but he says he hated himself and wanted to die.

He stopped short of going through with the total transition surgery. But because he was convinced testosterone was a ‘poison’, he had his testicles removed as a ‘middle ground’ when he was 19.

That was, to say the least, a mistake that he now regrets.

Without gonads, Kobe will have to take testosterone artificially for the rest of his life, which he started taking recently.

On taking testosterone, he said: ‘I feel alive again. I feel confident. I just, I feel great. And it just goes to show that cross-sex hormones are bad.’

As for his future plans, he said: ‘It’s just reconnecting with stuff that I used to enjoy before getting sucked into all of this.

‘Because the time I lived as trans, I had no hobbies or interests, I had nothing really. It was just becoming this caricature of a woman and everything that’s based around that.

‘I’m trying to reclaim my manhood now and everything. It’s hard. I have breasts, I have the hip development of a woman because I started the estrogen young.

‘I have no gonads. You know, it’s hard. My skull never really masculinized.’

When asked about what he wants people to know about him, Kobe said: ‘I see myself as very strong for what I went through. I’m a pretty compassionate person.

‘I do care about kids that are suffering with gender dysphoria and everything. And I think that they deserve help. But I don’t think that that helps.’ — DailyMail [emphasis added]

If you read Kobe’s story and still think ‘transing the kids’ is a good and noble cause, there’s something you should know.

Kobe took this course of action because, as an unsophisticated child, he decided the right response to his own homosexuality was to go under the knife.

Do you know who else shares this response to homosexuality? The Theocratic regime in Iran.

But the regime’s encouragement of sex-change surgery is related to its intolerance of homosexuality, which is a capital offence. Gay Iranians face pressure to change their sex regardless of whether they want to, say activists and psychologists in Iran. Therapists tell patients with same-sex desires that they may be transgender, not gay. “I thought I was trans until I was 18, because the only information online and in newspapers was about transsexuals,” says a psychologist in Tehran who is a lesbian. “It is a system where homosexuals are not educated and the law does not protect them.” — The Economist, April 2019 [emphais added]

Interesting how the activists’ rush to champion this procedure for any and all cases, regardless of age and circumstance has put them on a different trajectory than traditional Christians, who they mock…

Only to find themselves in theological agreement with Iran’s totalitarian regime. Strange bedfellows these activists have. They’ve gone from making jokes about ‘praying the gay away’ to pulling out scalpels and cutting the gay away.

Maybe these activists don’t have the moral high ground they CLAIM they have.

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