Lifelong Elected Dem Joins Republicans Because Dems Are Too Radical And ‘Abandoned’ His Values

Written by Wes Walker on July 22, 2023

Dems denouce RFK as ‘antisemitic’ while Americans Against Antisemitism founder publicly registers as a Republican.

Dov Hikind never stated what the ‘last straw’ that made him turn his back on the Democrat party after serving for more than thirty years as an elected Democrat, but the timing is interesting.

This is the same week where Rep Jayapal made a public statement denouncing Israel as ‘racist’, without facing any negative sanctions from her party for saying so.

Then, a simple statement affirming Israel was not racist, that Congress rejects all forms of racism and xenophobia, and that the US would always be a staunch defender of Israel had unanimous support from Republicans, nine no votes from Democrats and a Democrat abstention… immediately before several Democrats refused to attend when Israel’s President Herzog addressed Congress.

OOPS: Israel Vote Exposes Nine Democrat Bigots .. Your Move, DNC! (Video)

Hikind and his wife aren’t clear on what, specifically, made them finally give up on the Democrat party after he had served for 36 years in the New York State Assembly.

But they have made it clear that the Democrats have officially become too radical’ for moderates like themselves.

They are ‘sending a message’ by officially switching their registration to Republican, and they are encouraging their friends to do the same.

This will come as a serious blow to the narrative of a Democrat party that has been working very hard to frame every Republican as a bigot, since Hikind is the founder of ‘Americans Against Antisemitism’.

Will they seek public office as a Republican after serving so long as Democrats?

Time will tell. But if he does, his wife has announced she’ll be first in line to vote for him.

Good job Democrats. You’ve become SO ‘progressive’ that you are officially abandoning some of your most loyal supporters.

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