WATCH: Cameraman Catches CEO Of Airport Authority’s Spin In Hilarious Real-Time ‘Fact-Check’

Written by Sir John, Eh! on July 22, 2023

One of the basic rules in public relations is to make sure that the visuals match the message.

This is a lesson that Deborah Flint, CEO of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, seemed to have missed.

In a presser on Tuesday, Ms. Flint was touting the improvements that have been made in on-time flights when a CTV News camera operator tilted the camera up as she was speaking to show a board showing mostly delayed and canceled Air Canada flights.

From BlogTO:

A Tuesday press conference at Toronto Pearson International Airport has turned into a high-profile public relations gaffe, all thanks to some creative work by a news camera operator.
Deborah Flint, CEO of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, was in the middle of telling assembled media that Pearson has “seen almost a doubling in terms of improvement on on-time performance since last year,” when camera operator Matthew Reid decided to take some creative license, tilting his camera up to show an arrival board covered in delayed and cancelled flights.
A clip of the CTV News broadcast has gone viral, with two tweets showing the same video collectively sharing over 2.7 million views as of Wednesday morning. Viewers are reacting with shock and delight to the colossal burn, with one calling it a “murder on live television.”
Source: BlogTO

If you’ve never had the displeasure of traveling through Pearson, count yourself fortunate. It has been long documented by travelers that there are long, pointless lines, the baggage claim is preternaturally slow, and many of the staff don’t speak English properly — basically, it’s akin to a trip to the depths of hell.

Travel through Pearson became much worse during the pandemic after the Trudeau government added another layer of bureaucracy to an already unpleasant experience by requiring proof of vaccination for travel and mandatory use of the government-developed ArriveCAN app to report your vaccination status and quarantine plan.

Last year, Barstool Sports host Ryan Whitney posted a rant recounting just how awful his experience was. It went viral.

The Spitting’ Chiclets host wasn’t the only one who was having a bad experience.

Photos of the baggage claim were shared all over social media by frustrated travelers.

It became exponentially worse around Christmas.

After years of awful travel conditions, it’s no wonder that the creative camera work struck a chord on social media.

Yep. As long as it’s not Bud Light or some other watered-down swill. At least it’s Canada, and although it’s being governed by idiots, at least we have good beer here!

The Toronto Airport tried to make light of the video, but they got fact-checked on that, too.

One Twitter user posted some pretty important context.

To sum up…

Toronto’s Pearson Airport still sucks, but it just sucks slightly less than it did last year.

This is a tremendous success in Canadian terms.

So, when you, my American cousins, get down about how your incompetent your leaders are … take heart that they’re probably not stupid enough to stand in front of evidence of their lies.

Well, okay… “The Big Guy” is definitely an exception.

But maybe a courageous camera operator might find a conscience and catch him in a blatant lie… You never know!

Sir John, Eh!
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