New Twist In The Hunter Biden Drama Puts The ‘BIG GUY’ In The Hotseat

Written by Wes Walker on July 24, 2023

The Breadcrumbs are now taking us directly to Joe Biden.

Devon Archer just ducked another subpoena. But we have news reports about what his testimony is expected to include. And that’s just the latest in a slew of crazy news popping up since the Wednesday deposition.

Most of it was bad for Team Hunter.

His laywers

His team went on offence after the Weaponizing hearing, but it’s unclear whether doing so may bring even more attention to the corruption story MTG was highlighting.

Hunter’s legal team has developed something of a reputation for being insufferable bullies, they are said to have threatened a number of people who have been chasing down the Hunter Biden stories with legal action. The latest example of that is an ethics complaint they want to see brought against Rep Greene for using explicit photos of Hunter with prostitutes as evidence that he had unlawfully claimed as a ‘business expense’ the ‘professional services’ of women with whom he got ‘down to business’ so to speak.

With his hearing coming up soon Hunter was supposed to be on his best behavior. The cocaine showing up in the White House would obviously be a problem if it led back to him. But so would hanging out with somebody who’s hitting a bong. Especially if that ‘somebody’ was his lawyer.

Joe’s sister

Joe Biden’s sister showed up in the news in the last couple of days… and a whistleblower included Hunter’s name in that, too:

The FD-1023 allegation

We knew about Grassley dropping the news about the FBI report… he explains how his reasons for making them public were driven about exposing the FBI concealing reports of the Biden Bribery…

But what we did NOT know before now was that while most Democrat flacks are spending their political capital emphasizing the ‘unproven’ nature of these allegations, other news outlets have been asking whether any of it has been corroborated.

As it happens, the FBI has already answered that question. And it does not look good for the Biden’s.

The Federalist has now learned that the Pittsburgh FBI office had corroborated several details contained in the FD-1023 as part of the intake process that former Attorney General William Barr established before the election under the leadership of the Western District of Pennsylvania’s then-U.S. Attorney Scott Brady. Significantly, in briefing the Delaware U.S. attorney on the results of their office’s screening of evidence related to Ukraine, the Pittsburgh FBI agents told the Delaware office they had corroborated multiple facts included in the FD-1023, an individual with knowledge of the briefing told The Federalist.

Following the late June 2020 interview with the CHS, the Pittsburgh FBI office obtained travel records for the CHS, and those records confirmed the CHS had traveled to the locales detailed in the FD-1023 during the relevant time period. The trips included a late 2015 or early 2016 visit to Kiev, Ukraine; a trip a couple of months later to Vienna, Austria; and travel to London in 2019.

As The Federalist previously reported, during their briefing of the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office, the Pittsburgh FBI agents said the FD-1023 bore indicia of credibility and that it merited further investigation. The person familiar with that briefing now confirms the agents also informed the Delaware office that the Pittsburgh FBI had corroborated the CHS’s presence in the various cities at the times claimed.

The Federalist has also learned that the CHS’s handler corroborated the CHS’s claim that he had met with Oleksandr Ostapenko. According to the source with knowledge of the matter, the CHS’s handler told Pittsburgh’s FBI agents that the CHS told his handler he had an upcoming meeting with Ostapenko. The CHS’s contemporaneous claim of the planned rendezvous with Ostapenko tracked the timing of one of the visits the CHS claimed in the FD-1023 to have had with Ostapenko. — The Federalist

The Big Guy!

The last piece of news is bad for Hunter, but much, much worse for Joe Biden and his Democrat supporters.

Devon Archer, Hunter’s old business associate, ducked his scheduled interview for the third time today. But we have some reporting on what he’s expected to declare if they can finally put him under oath.

“We are looking forward very much to hearing from Devon Archer about all the times he has witnessed Joe Biden meeting with Hunter Biden’s overseas business partners when he was vice president, including on speakerphone,” said Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), the committee chairman.

One such meeting was in Dubai late in the evening of Friday, Dec. 4, 2015, after a board meeting of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, which was paying Hunter $83,000 a month as a director.

Archer, who also was a director, is expected to testify that, after dinner with the Burisma board at the Burj Al Arab Hotel, he and Hunter traveled six miles north to the Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach to have a drink with one of Hunter’s friends.

While they were sitting outside at the bar, Vadym Pozharskyi, a senior Burisma executive, phoned to ask where they were because Burisma’s owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, needed to speak to Hunter urgently.

Soon afterward, the two Ukrainians joined Hunter and Archer at the Four Seasons bar and Pozharskyi asked Hunter: “Can you ring your dad?” At the time it was early afternoon Friday in Washington, DC.

Hunter then called his father, put him on speaker, placed the phone on the table, and introduced the Ukrainians to Joe Biden by name as “Nikolai and Vadym.” — NY Post

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