Obrador Puts DeSantis On BLAST –The Gov Should Leverage The HELL Out Of That

Written by Wes Walker on July 4, 2023

Should conservatives hope that the GOP leadership has some real competition to it? Yes.

Not only will a close race make independents and undecideds pay more attention to the issues, but a real contest for the leadership is like having a good sparring partner before a title bout.

It knocks off your rust, forces you to bring out your ‘A-game’ and prepares you for some of the issues the Democrat opponent will throw your way.

With the lead Trump has at the moment if DeSantis is going to have any chance at making this race interesting, he’ll need to make a move sooner rather than later.

Trump has been helped (a lot) by the ongoing drama of Democrats trying to criminalize their opposition. It’s an obvious attempt at rigging the game that rank-and-file Republicans can spot from a mile away.

GOP voters have actively closed ranks around him since Bragg started dropping charges. The Mar-A-Lago documents charges and the kid glove treatment the Bidens received have since made the base even more incensed.

Success in modern politics involves a lot of different factors, but at least one of them is recognizing political currents and using them to your advantage.

If you can catch a big wave (like Trump did these indictments) or can use current events, or someone’s public statement to define your branding, so much the better.

Well, Mexico’s President Orbrador may have given DeSantis a wave of his own to ride.

At a time when DeSantis has been grasping for a message that can ‘stick’ and help distinguish him from POTUS45, Mexico’s Orbrador may have come along with a message of his own.

As nice as it had been to be Gavin Newsome’s boogeyman in the last State election, taking incoming from a Head of State can be just what Florida’s Governor has been looking for to be seen as a National figure and not just a regional one.

But it’s more than just being called out by the Mexican president. It’s WHY he was called out.


It was all about immigration policy. DeSantis recently passed some state policies making it hard for illegal immigrants to life and work in Florida. In particular, through his use of E-Verify.

With Joe Biden’s nightmarish immigration policy being such a pivotal part of the 2024 race, there is only one candidate whose immigration policy was so odious to Orbrador that he denounced him by name.

Not even Trump was the candidate he named.

The candidate he called out is Ron DeSantis.

If the current second-place challenger has a shot at making this race interesting, this is the best opportunity he’s had yet to make a move.

Will he do so?

Time will tell.

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