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PROJECT VERITAS: Siemens Energy Exec Quietly Admits The BIG LIE Behind Big Green (VIDEO)

Still think Big Green is the ‘economy of the future’? Listen to what their own execs say when they *think* they’re off the record.

Watch to the end and you will see that Siemens was unwilling to comment on the video. Instead, they took this conversation seriously enough that they were willing to sue over it.

What do you suppose was said in these three short minutes that has them threatening a lawsuit?

Judge for yourself.

Be sure and show this clip to a Democrat duped into believing either that the Inflation Reduction Act was about ‘Inflation’ — or the bigger lie that it was about Green Energy.

According to Clark Fangmeier, Executive Director at Siemens Energy, the IRA was ACTUALLY driving inflation while helping C-Suite fat-cats like himself laugh all the way to the bank.

Great job, AOC! I hope you’re proud of yourself.

Here’s the video:

And here’s how they described it on their social media:

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Wes Walker

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