Women In Cali’s Largest Female Prison Report That Trans-Identifying Triple Murderer Is Harassing Them

Written by K. Walker on July 31, 2023

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Once again, the feelings of a disturbed man take priority over the safety of vulnerable women.

David Chester Warfield, 68, who now goes by the name “Dana Rivers”, is harassing the female inmates in the prison where he is now housed based on his self-declared “gender identity.”

The Daily Mail reports:

Inmates have complained that [he] has been leering at the women to make them uncomfortable, while patronizing them and rubbing the outlandish transgender policies in their faces. As part of this, [he] has allegedly been forcing the women to push [him] around the prison in a wheelchair.

Rivers is in prison because of a triple homicide he committed in November 2016. Rivers flew into a rage because, as a man, he was not permitted to attend a lesbian festival. He took out his fury on a lesbian couple he knew by brutally murdering them along with their adopted son.

Rivers shot and stabbed Charlotte Reed, 56, and Patricia Wright, 57, multiple times, turned the gun on their 19-year-old adopted son, Benny Diambu-Wright, and then set their Oakland, California home on fire.

At Rivers’ sentencing hearing, Judge Scott Patton called the killings “the most depraved crime I ever handled in the criminal justice system in 33 years.”

When [he] carried out the brutal killings almost seven years ago, Rivers shot Reed twice before stabbing her 40 times in a furious rage.
[He] had been left seething after being banned from a female-only lesbian festival, leading her to target the family, who [he] knew, out of revenge.
The transgender activist also murdered Wright by shooting her in the back and left breast and stabbing her in the neck and shoulder, before fatally shooting their adopted son Benny, 19.
Police rushed to their California home after reports of gunshots, and officers arrived at the home to find a blood-covered Rivers holding a can of gasoline, with knives, brass knuckles and ammunition in [his] pockets.
Source: Daily Mail

After his transition, Rivers joined an “all-female” biker gang called Deviants Motor Club, which at one point had been affiliated with Hell’s Angels MC. Reed also joined the club in 2016, but left after a short time and was on “bad terms” with the club’s president. Rivers was fiercely devoted to the club and was the “enforcer.” After Reed left, he reportedly stalked and threatened her. Rivers’ rage with Reed for leaving the club was evident when he murdered her — Reed was stabbed 28 times in the neck and face. After the murder, Rivers was promoted to Sergeant of Arms in the club.

The fact that he committed such an incredibly violent murder of two women didn’t seem to be a factor when the decision was made to grant Rivers a transfer to a women’s prison a few weeks ago.

California passed Senate Bill 132 in 2021 allowing prisoners to request to be placed in a correctional facility that aligns with their self-declared “gender identity.”

This is consistent with the Biden administration’s view, by the way. In 2022, the Biden admin reinstated an Obama-era policy that said that a person’s gender identity must be considered when determining where to house transgender-identifying inmates in federal prisons. The move had been rescinded by President Trump and individuals were held in facilities based on their biological sex.

The Bureau of Prisons updated its guidance in 2022 stating that “a transgender or intersex inmate’s own views with respect to his/her own safety must be given serious consideration.” The decision should be made on a case-by-case basis but must “ensure the inmate’s health and safety, and whether the placement would present management or security problems.”

On June 16, Rivers was transferred to the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, California.

Surprising no one, it would seem that Rivers is making the women in the prison incredibly uncomfortable for the women that are in there.

“Rivers has been a problem since he rolled in the door,” one inmate said in a message reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon. “He is trying to control the women saying he gets to bypass everything—special treatment.”
In a phone interview from Central California Women’s Facility, Tomiekia Johnson said that one of her fellow inmates was recently unnerved to catch Rivers leering at her.
“She felt him looking at her, she said, ‘I felt someone watching me, and there he was, staring at my butt,’” Johnson said.
Johnson lost her job at the prison after she filed a complaint in early 2021 against the California law that allows men to be incarcerated with women based on gender identity, even if they present as men and have male genitalia. Then, last month, Rivers was moved into her housing unit.
“I think it’s a slap in the face, because as much as they know I’ve been vocal about being housed with predators, and how much they target me, and how much it’s a known fact that they harass me and provoke me, for them to put him in the building with me is beyond negligent,” Johnson said. “I feel betrayed by the prison for doing this.”
Source: Washington Free Beacon

Rivers was previously held at the Alameda County Santa Rita Jail. An inmate there said that Rivers was acting frail because he was seen performing strenuous exercises, including “jump squats off a stool.” The inmate described Rivers as “very chauvinistic, demeaning to women, and prideful about it.”

Amie Ichikawa, a former inmate of Central California Women’s Facility and founder of Women II Women, an organization that monitors the condition of women in prisons, spoke to the Washington Free Beacon and showed them messages that she has received from inmates.

“Overall, the whole vibe is, how are we supposed to rehabilitate and recover from these traumas when we’re housed with the same kind of people we were trying to get away from?” said Ichikawa.

“You thought prison would at least allow you to leave that behind while you work on yourself—meaning [leave behind] domestic abusers and woman beaters.”

A 2017 study revealed that up to 86 percent of incarcerated women were victims of sexual violence.

The safety of women doesn’t seem to be a factor when the new cause célèbre of “gender identity” is invoked.

Rivers isn’t the only man in the women’s prison, a number of men — including a few who have committed heinous crimes against women — are now being housed with women.

After his transfer to Central California Women’s Facility, Rivers was initially housed in a cell with another transgender killer, Shiloh Quine, who in 2015 was the first male inmate to receive a state-funded sex change. Other men incarcerated at the prison include a convicted murderer of two babies, a rapist who tortured his mother-daughter victims with electric shocks, and a man who strangled his wife when she tried to leave him and said he wants both a penis and a vagina.
Source: Washington Free Beacon

Years before the triple murder, Rivers made headlines in 1999 after he was fired from his job as a teacher at Center High School in Antelope, California for declaring that he was going to transition to live life as a woman. The lawsuit garnered national attention.

According to the Daily Mail, Rivers also angered the Center High faculty because he allegedly spoke to students about his plans to get a sex change but also about “sexuality and the importance of gender self-determination.”

Rivers won the lawsuit and was awarded $150,000 which helped pay for his gender transition surgery.

Rivers was ahead of his time — now that kind of discussion is a mandatory part of the California sex-ed curriculum.

Housing men in a women’s facility is the logical progression of the gender ideology that has been adopted by the vast majority of public school boards in North America.

It’s time to stop the insanity and bring reality instead of activism back to classrooms, prisons, and public facilities.

There is a reason that there were women’s spaces and men don’t have the right to invade them because they self-identify as a woman. That’s not how that works.

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