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What’s REALLY Motivating The DOJ’s ‘Sentence Devon Archer’ Letter?

Devon Archer is a critical piece to the puzzle in separating fact from fiction in the allegations of Joe & Hunter Biden taking bribes for political favors while Joe was Obama’s Veep.

When James Comer went onto Maria Bartiromo’s morning show, she opened her show with a question about the DOJ issuing a letter to the judge overseeing the Devon Archer case — on a SATURDAY — requesting that the judge move ahead with the sentencing of Devon Archer.

After three previous cancellations, at the time of this writing, we can say with confidence that Archer has finally showed up for a deposition.

We might wonder why he didn’t come earlier, what changed that he finally came now, and what role the moves made by the DOJ had in shaping his behavior in one way or the other.

OBSTRUCTION? DOJ Plays Alleged ‘Dirty Trick’ To Derail Star Witness In Hunter Biden Testimony
James Comer, on that show, raises concerns about witness intimidation and coordination between Hunter’s legal defence team and a DOJ taking its marching orders from Hunter’s father.

The DOJ has offered a ‘clarification’ of sorts, saying that the prison time is only to be spent AFTER the testimony has been given.

Is there more to that story, though?

What’s REALLY going on here?

Here’s one interpretation of the known facts for our readers to chew on:

Are they dangling a carrot of leniency in front of Archer’s nose in exchange for his silence with respect to anything that might incriminate Joe Biden of explicitly impeachable criminal acts?

At this point, nothing would surprise us anymore, not even that.

But if it were true, wouldn’t that set up a potential scenario where the DOJ is extorting a witness to suborn perjury to protect the President to whom that DOJ is directly answerable?

‘Worse than WaterGate’ is easily one of the most overhyped phrases of the last 7 years. But in a scenario like the one described here, such a claim would ALSO have the benefit of being factually TRUE.

We won’t know the details of the testimony today. But we are anticipating the release of a transcript in about 3 or 4 days.

In keeping with the ‘Hunter’s Laptop Matters‘ theme from our ClashDaily unique merch in the banner ad above, we can also say that new bank records have been released.

Those new bank records coincide with precisely the countries this Laptop From Hell told us we should expect to see such bank records would turn up. The new bank records include Ukraine, Kazakstan, and even — drumroll please — Russia Russia Russia.

Remember, Joe Biden thumped his chest and bragged about how tough he would be on Russia during the debate where he alleged that Trump was ‘Putin’s puppy’.

Of course, to everyone except the fiercest reality-deniers on the left, Russiagate has been thoroughly debunked.

This seems like a good opportunity to recap a few of our stories Democrats would not want to revisit in light of potential conflicts of interest with respect to foreign policy.

And the cherry on top… how could we forget Hunter in his own words and his own VOICE!

That’s quite a list. Biden isn’t the only one who should be asked about whether having Russian lobbyists grease their palms had any impact on votes directly impacting US policy. Senate Democrats should have some awkward questions to answer as well.

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