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2A Activist ‘The AK Guy’ Shoots His Shot Challenging Texas Congressman In GOP Primary

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Gun YouTuber Brandon Herrera has announced that he’s running for Congress in Texas.

If you don’t know who Herrera is, you clearly don’t watch gun videos on YouTube.

(I’ll be real with you, gun videos aren’t exactly my thing, but my son has been a big fan since he was in high school. That said, my “For You” feed on YouTube may include The AK Guy alongside my usual fare…)

Herrera has 2.85 million subscribers and it’s not difficult to see why, he’s got a lot of charisma and his videos are incredibly entertaining. He posts a wide array of content — everything from “how it really works” to Darwin Awards to range testing and analyzing weapons to “backyard science” to poking a little fun at the “AR Guys.”

But the guy that has an entire playlist of videos reacting to gun memes is now getting serious and has decided to run for office.

Herrera is challenging Tony Gonzalez in Texas’s 23rd Congressional district in the southwest part of the state stretching from western San Antonio to El Paso. It’s the area that encompasses the largest part of the border between Texas and Mexico.

Herrera is a proud, liberty-loving American and a Constitutionalist. He believes that freedom needs to be protected and is frustrated that voters are sometimes given “garbage” candidates to choose from, or politicians that say the right things once, then after they’re elected, they take action that is against the best interests of their constituents and they think they can do that with impunity.

His main critique of his opponent is that Gonzalez voted for both gun control and amnesty for illegal migrants.

What he says will resonate with a lot of voters — especially the younger ones.

Check out his announcement video that was posted on August 12:

While I personally don’t live in his district, I’ve got some pretty mad respect for anyone wanting to throw their hat into the ring who is a committed Constitutionalist with a focus on liberty. He’s got a pretty good handle on some of the main issues, too.

Here’s Herrera on OANN on Wednesday evening explaining why he’s challenging Gonzalez in the primary.

You gotta love the guy that doesn’t really want to run for office but is feeling like it’s the only choice, right?

There’s just something about a guy that admits he’s reluctant about running.

That’s something that we should look for more in our politicians and really take a good, hard look at the ones that are itching to get into office.

Oh, and Herrera has got a great sense of humor — which is a bonus.

Well, there’s only one thing to say about Herrera jumping into the primary … “Let’s go, Brandon!”

For more info, check out his website Brandon Herrera For Congress.

We’ll close out with Hererra’s most popular video, “Testing Joe Rogan‘s JFK Bullet Theory”, which has nearly 9.5 million views.




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