Kirby Tries To Duck Responsibility For Afghanistan Abbey Gate Disaster… Gets Dragged (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on August 18, 2023

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Sometimes, even Jake Tapper has to pretend he cares about his role as journalist enough to ask Democrats the hard questions. Here’s Kirby’s attempt to spin his way out of any responsibility.

Two hears after Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal from Saigon Kabul Gold Star parents recently had their chance to have their voice heard.

AFGHANISTAN: 13 Gold Star Families Finally Given Chance To Share Their Story (VIDEO)

John Kirby, one of the faces behind the podium during the fall of Kabul, was working hard to rewrite history in his favor, telling us the suicide bombing could not have been prevented.

Like everything else we’ve been told about Afghanistan — from ‘Righteous strike’ to ‘not leaving any Americans behind’ that was a load of crap.

Jerry Dunleavy used citations from his own book, Kabul: The Untold Story to discredit these claims:

Then he referenced the more obvious objection that first came to this writer’s mind:

Those points were raised in gripping Congressional testimony delivered by Marine Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews, who had the bomber in his sights, recognized him as a probable bomber, and never got the go-ahead. (Also, when the bomb DID go off, Vargas-Andrews himself was blown halfway to Hell. He barely survived, losing body parts in the process.)

As bad as Kirby’s response to this incident has been — Joe’s has been worse.

“After spending many meaningful days with them, I write to facilitate an opportunity for you to speak with them in person so you can finally take the time to listen and hear what they have to say,” Issa wrote in an Aug. 10 letter to Biden, which was provided to Fox News Digital on Wednesday. “To date, that simply has yet to happen.”

“By any objective measure, these families have been ignored by your administration as it has sought to ‘turn the page’ on the events surrounding the withdrawal and evacuation,” Issa continued. “From questions surrounding personal effects of the fallen to details of the attack and the apparent lack of accountability, I have heard from the family members how they have felt ignored, lied to, and betrayed since their loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice.” — FoxNews

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