BREAKING: Special Counselor Indicts Trump With 4 Counts Over 2020 Election

Written by Wes Walker on August 1, 2023

We all knew this day was coming. It was exactly the result Biden’s activist DOJ was reverse-engineering from Day One.

The entire framing and energy of the J6 narrative was designed to drag America to this day whether they wanted it or not.

And — wonder of wonders — this announcement just ‘happens’ to have the added benefit of criminalizing the leading candidate running to throw Joe Biden out of office. (Biden, we note, is facing possible criminal liability of his own, especially after the testimony of Biden’s business associate this week.)

Here are the four counts Trump is having thrown at him:

1. Conspiracy to defraud the government
2. Conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding
3. Obstruction of/and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding
4. Conspiracy against rights

(This a developing story which ClashDaily will cover in greater depth tomorrow.)

Trump’s getting shafted by a dirty system. They’re destroying him for asking the same questions about the 2020 election that many of the rest of us have been asking all along.

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