DENOUNCING TRUMP: Pence Today Vs. Pence Two Days BEFORE J6 (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on August 2, 2023

Mike Pence is trying to thread a needle where he takes credit for backing the policies of the Trump administration, while condemning his reaction to the contested election results.

Pence’s messaging — going all the way back to the weeks just before he left office — has framed him as an ‘above the fray’ supporter of the Constitution even when it is not to his personal benefit. The guy who did the right thing even when it was the hard thing.

He’s been giving off those ‘see what an honest and upright guy I am’ vibes… so long as you mean it in the pharisaical ‘I’m good and that other guy isn’t sense’. That’s very on-brand and entirely consistent with the scolding tone he dropped against Trump when he took to social media for a self-serving tweet-storm.

The story he’s telling us now is that Joe won ‘fair and square’. He’s telling us that he made a decision to side with the results and the Constitution against Trump and his concerns that the election results were questionable.

(Remember: Ted Cruz had even proposed a solution that would resolve the election concerns within the window required before the calendar required us to take the next step in the Presidential confirmation process.)

That’s what Mike Pence is saying NOW.

But does anyone remember what he was saying just days BEFORE all hell broke loose at the Capitol?

Does that sound like a man who is standing in the courage of his convictions, or like a leaf blowing in the political winds?

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