Bring Back ‘Redskins’ Movement Is Gaining Steam — And LOOK Who’s Driving It!

Written by Wes Walker on August 14, 2023

After decades under the growing tyranny of political correctness, is the pendulum finally swinging back the other way?

In a horrific branding failure, the language police made sure Washington dropped the name ‘Redskins’ even before a suitable replacement name could be found.

After suffering through the awkwardness of hearing sports reporters talking about the Washington Team for what felt like forever, some marketing genius thought ‘Commanders’ would be the name of the future.

We are now seeing an organized pushback — and it might not be coming from where you might think. A Native American group has organized a petition — to bring BACK the name ‘Redskins’.

“We invite all Americans to stand up for the dignity of EVERY AMERICAN under assault in today’s increasingly nonsensical culture wars,” the petition says. “This ‘LINE IN THE SAND’ moment reinforces undeniable history of the NATIVE AMERICAN assisting the FOUNDING OF AMERICA, with NATIVE AMERICAN principles used by the FOUNDING FATHERS in the US Constitution – and, EVERY AMERICAN’s right to the 1st and 14th Amendment and not to be targets of cancel culture or ESG. This is not a simple left or right issue for Americans; it reaches across the political spectrum dating back to our Founding Fathers.”

“The Native American Guardian Association (NAGA) stands up for and is not only fighting back to preserve key elements of American History and the 1st and 14th Amendment, NAGA is fighting for the civil liberties of EVERY AMERICAN. Americans see they are losing their rights because of a vicious cancel culture that shows little care for their concerns or civil liberties; It is time to support leaders, brands and organizations who will stand with EVERY AMERICAN, rather than fighting against them. Join our fight and show your support by pledging your donation today!”

Last week, the group sent a letter to Commanders leadership – including new team owner Josh Harris, team president Jason Wright and head coach Ron Rivera – “formally requesting the team revitalize its relationship with the American Indian community and rightfully change their name back to ‘the Redskins.’

“You simply cannot erase history and target the Native American community by eradicating the name ‘Redskins’ while being an organization that fosters other Constitutional rights, including players who don’t honor the American flag and kneel during our National Anthem,” the letter reads in part.” — FoxNews

It’s worth reading the letter these guys sent off to the new team management. It has some pretty ‘unwoke’ things to day about DEI, too.

As of noon Monday, they had just added almost another 5000 signatures to the total.
Here’s a screenshot:

Big respect to anyone taking a bold stand against the insufferable cult of ‘Our Lady of the Perpetually Offended’.

We used to understand that we would name our sports teams after something that would inspire strength and awe: Mythical beasts and heroes, Apex predators, legendary fighting units.

The idea that anyone would voluntarily name their own sports team after something they consider contemptible is baffling.

Everyone and their dog has a team named after bears, lions or other fierce animals. Do you see a lot of teams named the ‘skunks’?

There’s a reason for that. The foundational premise of the perpetually offended misses the point.

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