Texas Good Guys Tracked Down And Arrested Two Border-Crashing Bad Guys With Guns

Written by Wes Walker on August 14, 2023

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The Biden Democrats are more interested in adding a thousand-percent tax as an impediment to legal citizens buying lawful firearms than they are catching criminal cartel members who have been crossing the border with impunity.

Fortunately for American Citizens, Federal law enforcement is not the only line of protection between criminal foreigners and ordinary citizens. Texas DPS is answering the call even when Biden hamstrings their federal counterparts from executing their responsibilities effectively.

Remember the story from last week where we saw footage of two armed men coming across the Rio Grande? They were armed and they couldn’t care less who saw them coming across. They walked across in broad daylight.

Cartel Members With Guns And Body Armor Are Crossing The Rio Grande — Does Biden Care? (VIDEO)

We have good news. They have been tracked down.

“In a multi-agency effort, DPS Texas Rangers Special Operations Group, Texas Game Wardens, and US Border Patrol apprehended two Mexican nationals with suspected ties to a transnational criminal organization. The men were in possession of two rifles and armor-piercing ammo,” a spokesperson said.

“There is no greater public safety and national security threat than the Mexican drug cartels, who have exploited security vulnerabilities due to an unsecured international border. This joint effort highlights the importance of collaborating with local, county, state, and federal agencies for one common goal – keeping our state and country safe.”

Also seized were tactical gear containing six magazines loaded with 5.56 rounds, “green-tip” armor-piercing rounds and a machete. Texas Game Wardens K9s later helped agents locate an AK-47 rifle and an M4 rifle ditched in a river.

The startling images of the men coming across the border are the latest shocking images showing cartel and smuggling operations amid an ongoing migrant crisis and signs of increasing numbers at the border. — FoxNews


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