Chris Wray’s Sworn ‘Radical Catholics’ Testimony Was Just Proven False … Is That Perjury?

Written by Wes Walker on August 10, 2023

It started with the FBI targeting angry parents with ‘terrorist tags’… and moved on to unlawful targeting of Catholics as ‘radicals’. What’s REALLY going on here?

The left’s radical agenda and traditional Christianity have radically different views of law and culture… an the Democrats are becoming increasingly hostile to expressions of Christian faith that refuse to bow the knee to their social agenda.

ClashDaily just covered the story of a lawsuit where a very well-qualified Catholic couple was denied the right to serve as foster parents — for explicitly ideological grounds after giving the ‘wrong’ answers to a series of LGBT questions.

This is a pattern on the left. Dem Senators got busted trying to give religious tests to Trump appointees. And Feinstein famously said of Justice Amy Comey Barrett: ‘the dogma lives loudly in her’.

Too freaking bad. The Constitution explicitly says the government (in any of its branches) does not have the right to any opinion about the religious views of ANY American citizen. Period.

This is actually what makes the FBI’s interest in ‘radical Catholics’ so suspicious. We already know they are have a view of abortion that informs their charging decisions to take far greater interest in even the most marginal pro-life legal ‘infractions’ than they do in actual acts of violence, domestic terrorism, and property destruction done in the name of pro-abortion activism.

Is any group more readily identified as ‘pro-life’ than Catholics?

It’s only natural then, for us to be especially suspicious when Wray’s FBI takes special interest in developing informants among the very most traditional of all Catholic believers.

If their story keeps changing, you can crank that suspicion up to eleven and break off the knob.

Guess what?

The evidence just contradicted Wray’s sworn testimony.

After months of the FBI stonewalling Republicans’ oversight efforts, the new version of the memo given to the Judiciary Committee on July 25 purportedly shows that the agency’s Portland and Los Angeles field offices “were involved in or contributed to the creation of FBI’s assessment of traditional Catholics as potential domestic terrorists.”

“The document cited reporting from an ‘FBI Portland liaison contact with indirect access’ who informed on a ‘deceased [Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremist (RMVE)] subject’ who had ‘sought out a mainline Roman Catholic community’ and then ‘gravitated to [Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX)],’” the memo reads. “In addition, the document noted how an FBI undercover employee with ‘direct access’ reported on a subject who ‘attended the SSPX-affiliated [redacted] Church in [redacted] California, for over a year prior to his relocation.’”

The document furthermore stated that “FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office initiated an investigation on the ‘RMVE subject’ and that the FBI Richmond office “‘[c]oordinated with’ FBI Portland in preparing the assessment.”

In their Wednesday letter to Wray, House Republicans questioned why the FBI repeatedly redacted such information in previous versions of the memo provided to the Judiciary Committee and furthermore invited Wray to “amend” his testimony “to fully explain the nature and scope of the FBI’s assessment of traditional Catholics as potential domestic terrorists.” The Judiciary Committee is additionally requesting the FBI turn over all communications between the agency’s Richmond, Portland, and Los Angeles bureaus related to the January memo by Aug. 23. — TheFederalist [bold emphasis added by ClashDaily]

Is this discrepency between Wray’s testimony and the established facts a mistake, or a lie?

If a ‘mistake’ why was the relevant evidence that contradicted their testimony conveniently redacted?

If a lie, doesn’t this constitute perjury on his part?

What would it mean for the credibility of the Biden administration if the same FBI that is trying to criminalize alleged lies told by Donald Trump with regard to the 2020 election results while the man at the top of that organization himself is the subject of a criminal referral for perjury?

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