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Comer Explains The Latest Step In Biden Investigation… The Timeline Is Coming Together

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The reasons whistleblowers were so frustrated with the stand-down order was because they saw the investigation as leading directly to Joe Biden.

That fits very well with the picture that is coming together, a picture that is generating specific file requests by House Oversight.

Specifically, Comer explains the significance of Hunter being CC’d on certain information requests in their investigation into allegations of corruption and bribery against not just Hunter Biden, but Joe Biden as well.

A revelation not mentioned in this short TV appearance, but may come up in the future blows pro-Democrat spinmeister’s favorite defence straight to Hell.

But one of the reasons they can’t do that and that defense fails is because of how Hunter and Joe’s money seems to have been commingled. But now Republicans are reacting to a text from 2018 in which Hunter said that his father had been “using lines” on his account for the “past 11 years.”

Hunter was talking with his assistant Katie Dodge about he got locked out of his Wells Fargo account.

“Too many cooks in the kitchen,” he wrote on April 12, 2018. “Too many profile changes and such. Happened 10 days ago too. What do you need? I’m going to bank in a few. Need to verify identity in person.”

“I need to pay AT&T,” Dodge responded.

Hunter Biden then instructed Dodge to put the payment on both his debit card and his “Wells Fargo credit line.”

“My dad has been using most lines on this account which I’ve through the gracious offerings of Eric [Schwerin] have paid for past 11 years,” Hunter wrote.

Whoops. So if Hunter was getting money from the Chinese and the Russians, and Joe was utilizing Hunter’s money, that’s not good, and that’s evidence that isn’t going to help him in an impeachment. — Red State

Of course, that message Hunter wrote had about ‘pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years’ … in the very same sentance that he talks about giving his dad ‘half his salary’ will be especially relevant evidence when they connect the dots between Joe Biden’s political acts and allegations of bribery paid by foreign actors.

Demanding copies of the records with Hunter’s name on them, records with Joe’s aliases, and drafts of his speeches can shed insight on any connection between Joe’s official acts and Burisma’s expectations that Washington ‘do something’ to shield them from political dangers, dangers that might obviously include criminal prosecution.

Even if we didn’t have evidence of a direct financial connection between Hunter’s money and Joe’s actions, the law is clear.

“President Biden’s defenders purport a weak defense by asserting the Committee must show payments directly to the President to show corruption,” the House Oversight Republicans wrote.

“This is a hollow claim no other American would be afforded if their family members accepted foreign payments or bribes. Indeed, the law recognizes payments to family members to corruptly influence others can constitute a bribe,” the memo says. The panel points to a resource guide of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act that states “companies also may violate the FCPA if they give payments or gifts to third parties, such as an official’s family members, as an indirect way of corruptly influencing a foreign official.” Hunter Biden has not been charged or convicted of accepting bribes at this point. — CNN

But there is plenty of evidence that their money is co-mingled.

Remember the embarrassing incident when someone who was either active with the Secret Service, or recently got involved after Hunter put foreign hookers on Dad’s credit card, it’s worth remembering that the law doesn’t even require evidence that Joe personally benefited from the payments.

Remember the Russian hooker that led to Hunter being hit with a credit card scam? One of the cards Hunter used was belonged to ‘Celtic’. That’s the code name for his dad.

It’s a long and sordid story. But here is the part that’s important as evidence that will tangle up the spin-meisters.

This is linked to Celtic’s account.

Written to Hunter as he’s holed up in a hotel with a hooker.

Even if money is paid to somebody else, there is every reason to believe Joe is getting full use of it.

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