COVID 2… Electric Boogaloo: Biden Wants Funding For ANOTHER Round Of Mandatory Jabs (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on August 28, 2023

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The COVIDictators really miss the good old days of the pandemic when they could use fear to make the sheeple compliant. You can tell, because they’re already looking for a reboot.

A new mutated COVID is coming back, so we’re supposed to be super-scared! We could have told you that was coming, both for the facts and for the fear.

On the facts side, of course it isn’t going away. It’s going to do the same thing that other pandemics before it did. It becomes just another virus in the mosaic forming the backdrop of seasonal illnesses that make their way across the planet as a flu or cold.

That includes the Spanish Flu. As per the Natural History Museum website:

The most deadly pandemic in recent history may have given rise to the influenza viruses that circulate every year.

Analysis of newly discovered samples from the 1918 influenza pandemic found that every section of the virus’ genome could have given rise to seasonal flu. While more samples are needed to confirm this conclusion, it suggests the virus may have become significantly less virulent in the years following its initial outbreak. — NHM

With lockdown zealots getting trigger-happy in response to a few breakout cases of COVID, Biden was asked about his response.

Does his reply sound more like someone who understands science, or a power-hungry politician who takes his marching orders from Big Pharma?

Massie published the transcript of Joe’s reply.

Hell no, we can be sure, is the sanitized version of his response.

Let’s look at that transcript and break it down a little, because it tells us an awful lot about Biden himself.

He signed off on a proposal to Congress…

Translation: last time, I tried to Executive order my way through this and I had my ass handed to me in court. He hasn’t done sweet eff all to solve the border, but a few cases of the sniffles? He’s taking action, because that’s a crisis he isn’t going to let go to waste, especially in an election cycle.

…request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is ne — necessary that works…

This is interesting. It includes assumptions and an admission.
Assumption #1 — this variant is serious and lethal
Assumption #2 — this is a problem that needs more money to be thrown at it
Assumption #3 — the correct response/treatment for this supposed threat must be a vaccine, rather than a simpler option, say a proven over-the-counter remedy like Theraflu. Or even Ivermectin, which the FDA has admitted in court can be prescribed as a treatment for C-19.

“FDA explicitly recognizes that doctors do have the authority to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID,” Ashley Cheung Honold, a Department of Justice lawyer representing the FDA, said during the oral arguments in the case, the Epoch Times reported.

This seems to be a major retreat from the agency’s former antagonism toward the drug and the right of doctors to prescribe it. — WesternJournal

Admission:  if we need a new one ‘that works’, it highlights the inadequacies of the LAST one he compelled people to take.

We might also point out that Joe thinks it’s important that companies which have already banked BILLIONS of dollars on selling their sketchy vaxxine worldwide already have all the seed money they could possibly need to conduct future research. But Joe sees the taxpayer as a blank check he can tap into so that he can send slush funds to his friends and allies.

…everybody get it, no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not…

Considering how the hard the left beat their ‘believe the science’ drum when they were blasting us with authoritarian propaganda dressed up as ‘science’, it’s surprising to see how Joe isn’t even TRYING to hide his authoritarian impulse here.

He’s hoping that we are so conditioned to duck and cover at the mere mention of the WuFlu that it generates a panic response from the public that will accept whatever ‘solutions’ some clown in a labcoat tells us we need to implement.

He assumes there will need to be a vaccine, that a working vaccine can be developed in a reasonable time, and that it will be cleared for public use. It is interesting that the same party that has turned the phrase ‘between a woman and her doctor’ into a freaking mantra, suddenly shows their hand by abandoning that mantra when the medical issue is a glorified flu vaccine and not the killing of an unborn child.

Their argument was never rooted in principles of medical autonomy. It was always a defense of abortion on demand.

One last observation, note the hubris: ‘no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not’.

Even at this early point, with so much unknown, Joe has no interest in leaving room for ‘case-by-case basis’ considerations.

Because he isn’t behaving like the President of a Republic. He never has. He’s more like a king over his subjects or an emporer over his empire.

They want to whip up fear and use it to manipulate us. Don’t take the bait.

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