Vivek Ramaswamy Ticked Off A Dem ‘Squad’ Member … And He’s Not Backing Down

Written by K. Walker on August 28, 2023

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NOTE: This article includes commentary reflecting the author’s position.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley is deeply offended that someone with brown skin pointed out her racist rhetoric… which perfectly illustrates Vivek Ramasamy’s point.

At a campaign event in Iowa on Friday, the GOP hopeful said that past remarks by Rep. Pressley (D-MA) and those of “anti-racist” academic Ibram X. Kendi were “the words of the modern Grand Wizards of the modern KKK.”

Ramaswamy’s remarks came as an attendee asked him if he thought that critics would accuse him of contributing to white supremacy as other politically conservative visible minorities like Larry Elder, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas have been.

On Sunday, CNN’s Dana Bash asked Ramaswamy about the comments and he didn’t back down one iota.

Good … because he’s right.

Bash, who (to my knowledge) hasn’t pressed any Leftwing politician or activist for comparing MAGA Republicans to the “far-right” — or worse, Nazis — insisted that it was deeply offensive to compare a black Congresswoman to the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Ramaswamy wasn’t having any of it.

“I think it is the same spirit to say that I can look at you and based on just your skin color, that I know something about the content of your character, that I know something about the content of the viewpoints you’re allowed to express,” said Ramaswamy on CNN’s State of the Union.

“For Ayanna Pressley to tell me that because of my skin color, I can’t express my views, that is wrong, it is divisive, it is driving hate in this country. This is dividing our country to a breaking point,” he added.

“The Grand Wizards of the KKK would be proud of what they would hear her say because there is nothing more racist than saying that your skin color predicts something about the content of your viewpoints or ideas,” Ramaswamy told Bash.

When she asked if it was perhaps a “step too far”, he replied, “I stand by what I said to provoke an open and honest discussion in this country, because there is a gap, Dana, between what people will say in private today and what they will say in public.”

“I think we need to close that gap. I think we need to have real, open, honest, raw conversation as Americans. That is our path to national unity and there are many Americans today who are deeply frustrated by the new culture of anti-racism that’s really racism in new clothing,” said Ramaswamy.

Since CNN was apparently too afraid to play the damning clip of Pressley at the Netroots summit in 2019, here is the bigoted rhetoric from Congresswoman Pressley that Ramaswamy was reacting to.

It’s just so unbelievably offensive to insist as Pressley does in that clip that visible minorities must partake in ideological groupthink because of their skin color or they are not “real” black or brown people. Only bigots think that way, so the criticism by Ramaswamy is spot on.

In response to the comments, Rep. Pressley — I swear I’m not making this up — appeared on race grifter Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show to talk about how she’s not letting Ramaswamy’s comments get to her … except it’s pretty clear that she’s really bothered by it.

If it didn’t bother her, she wouldn’t have called it a “verbal assault.”

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) hit back at GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s remarks toward her last week, when he compared the congresswoman to “grand wizards in the KKK.”
Pressley responded to Ramaswamy’s comments about her and progressive author Ibram X. Kendi on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation” with host Rev. Al Sharpton on Sunday.
“Reverend Al, the verbal assault lobbied against myself and Dr. Kendi is shameful. It is deeply offensive. And it is dangerous,” she said. “It is not that long ago that we were besieged by images of white supremacists carrying tiki torches in Charlottesville.  It was not that long ago that a white supremacist mob seized the Capitol, waving Confederate flags and erecting nooses on the West Lawn of the Capitol.”
From: The Hill

Oh, it’s “dangerous” to say that, is it?


This is a woman who has zero ability to self-reflect.

The faux outrage is pretty rich coming from the political Left who calls anyone that they disagree with a  “Nazi”.

Pressley in particular has used racially-tinged inflammatory rhetoric quite frequently in her public appearances and on social media, and it’s the same tired, tripe she dished up on MSNBC.

It appears that July 2019 was a stellar moment for Pressley’s verbal bomb-throwing — just days before her “don’t bother coming to the table” clip went viral, she called Kellyanne Conway “Distraction Becky” in a tweet. The name isn’t exactly a racial slur, but like the name “Karen” it is intended to be a derogatory term for white women. The name “Becky” is a generic name given to white women to imply that they are uninteresting. It is a reference to the two white girls in the opening of that infamous Sir Mix-a-Lot song.

Since Pressley is just fine with using names in a derogatory fashion like that, would she object to being called “Alopecia Moesha”? Somehow, I think she would.

Anyway, Congresswoman “Alopecia Moesha”, who is now so very offended at what she considers incendiary rhetoric, has often waxed on and on about the threat of white supremacy, often linking it to Republican and conservative views.

White supremacy is everywhere according to Rep. Pressley who said that “the surge of violent white supremacy knows no bounds.”

She has said that concern among Trump supporters that the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election may have been influenced by coordinated actions to change election rules during a pandemic was due to white supremacy, the January 6 riot was a “white supremacist mob”, that police departments are bastions of white supremacy and “inextricably linked” to slave patrols of the Antebellum South, and that the pro-life movement is rooted in white supremacy. That last one is particularly hilarious since Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a virulent racist and eugenicist who wanted to stop black women from having babies. Wanting more black babies to be born is apparently “white supremacy”.

The entire “anti-racism” movement is just racism by another name, and Ramaswamy is right to call out the left for advocating for segregation and the race essentialism that we call “critical race theory” that shoves people into identity boxes based on skin color.

A few conservative commentators agree.

Look, let’s be real — both sides have racist idiots. The difference is the Right denounces them and the Left tends to embrace them and gaslight you that it isn’t racism at all.

At this point, I’m beginning to think that the push to see “violent white supremacy” everywhere after Black Lives Matter activists burned down cities for an entire summer in 2020 — which was simultaneously because of a need for “racial justice” and also somehow not categorized as “violent black supremacy” — is intentional. I think the Left really wants a race war that they can use to smear all Republicans just like they’re using the January 6th riot to vilify all of MAGA.

The worst thing that could happen would be some group of idiots doing just that.

Let’s pray that the handful of racists who incorrectly align themselves with conservatives don’t take the bait.

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