Debate Night: Would You Rather Watch The GOP On Fox, Or Trump On Tucker?

Written by Wes Walker on August 21, 2023

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There was one question looming large over all others with the GOP debates: will Trump be there?

For some reason, it isn’t considered ‘newsworthy’ when Joe Biden stiff-arms other candidates running for the nomination in the DNC… even when RFK is running in the double-digits.

Trump — the incumbent-ish candidate whose 2020 election result is still a hotly-debated sore point — leads a much deeper GOP pack by a larger margin than the one by which Joe leads Kennedy, the mystic chick, and undecided.

But the same media that has nothing but yawns to offer about an aged incumbent in a horrible economy at the center of criminal corruption allegations for which the evidence keeps growing has been making a very big deal out of the will-he won’t-he question about whether Trump will share a debate stage with eleventeen other people.

That question has finally been put to rest.

Trump, who would rather not be in a situation where he has to share a stage with anyone, let alone a royal rumble with dozen or so political opponents with a target on Trump’s back is taking a page out of his successful 2016 campaign.

Rather than be one face lost in a crowd back then, he ran a rival event to the official debate where he would get a much larger share of the on-camera speaking time and flex his star status.

This time around, Fox News is the official GOP debate host. That sets up an interesting opportunity. For reasons that still aren’t clear, FoxNews unceremoniously slammed the door on Tucker Carlson and then threatened a lawsuit when Tucker started showing videos on his Twitter account.

Trump has his own history of beef with Fox News, and every reason not to show up at an event where he’s sure to be dog-piled by a handful of wanna-be’s with no ghost of a chance of winning the nomination.

Trump and Tucker have said to hell with the official debate forum — at this early stage, anyway — and Trump will sit down for a full-length interview with Tucker Carlson which is set to air opposite to the GOP debates.

Let’s be honest: this is a high-risk-high-reward step for Trump. Tucker isn’t going to come for Trump with softball questions. We still remember how Tucker turned Asa Hutchinson and Mike Pence into knots over transitioning children and support of Ukraine, respectively, when he sat down with various candidates a few weeks ago in Iowa.

Trump is sure to face some hard questions about his time in office. But the trade-off is that the whole show will be focussed on him, and not his opponents.

And that’s just the way he likes it.

So… which one will YOU be watching?

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