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CNN Hosts Freak Out Over Trump’s Chances In 2024

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After years of an infamous ongoing battle against Trump, and playing an active role in the ‘fortifying’ of Biden’s 2020 election bid, sending this news is more like a warning to their friends than a dispassionate report of the facts as they stand.

We already knew that the GOP base has reacted to the endless series of criminal indictments by rallying to the defense of Donald Trump. His poll numbers in the primaries have defiantly gone up since these indictments have started to drop.

The openly voiced suspicion of many right-leaning observers has been that the DOJ is doing this during the primaries on purpose. They WANT Republicans to rally around Trump. They see Trump as the more ‘beatable’ candidate. The only remaining question is whether Dems *really* think that plan will succeed by dirtying him up enough to beat him at the ballot box or whether their ‘real’ victory will come by DOJ dirty tricks in the courtroom.

Whichever scenario they think it will be, the assumption is that Donald Trump will be so radioactive with the dirt they sling at him that only the most stalwart MAGA backers will vote for him in November of 2024. That would allow Joe to coast to an easy victory on the support of independents, Democrats, and even disaffected NeverTrump Republicans.

There’s a critical problem with that line of thinking.

Even after 4 indictments, that is NOT the picture our most recent polls are painting. Dems are starting to get panicky.

Trump is in striking distance in the general election numbers.

He is? Gee, folks that sounds pretty ‘scary’. Whatcha gonna do about that ‘problem’?

The lid is just starting to get blown off the Biden corruption scandal and the only one Dems have warming up in the bullpen at the moment won’t play along with official narratives.

Of COURSE these talking heads are getting jumpy. Why wouldn’t they?

If Trump comes back, they lose everything they’ve worked for since Trump met Hillary on that debate stage.

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