EPSTEIN CONNECTION: Sanctuary City Floats Plan To House Migrants In Prison — No This Isn’t Satire

Written by Wes Walker on August 19, 2023

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Imagine if we could unleash 2022 Mayor Adams on the entirely different guy he’s become in 2023? That would be fun to watch.

It didn’t take Hissonner long to flip from calling Gov Abbott a bigot for speaking out on Joe’s border policy and shipping surplus people to self-proclaimed sanctuary cities/states to announcing that New York is ‘full’ while he shipped surplus migrants upstate.

Mayor Adams saw mixed results with his plan to send people upstate — which led to some undercover investigations into those scheme, and ultimately, this: ‘Corrupt Bargains’: Team Biden Under Scrutiny For Sole-Source Illegal Immigration Services.

He has run into the very buzzsaw conservatives have been warning about for decades. You can have unlimited immigration or you can have a social safety net. But you can’t have both. The system will collapse under its own weight.

New York has front-row seats to that collapse. They are scrambling for creative ways to solve the problem they themselves have invited. With a legal obligation to provide housing, they have been putting up tent cities in soccer fields, but the people keep coming and they are scrambling for solutions.

Someone in City Hall landed on a bright idea about a building that was no longer in use that might fit the bill. And a letter was written to the Governor. You know that place where Epstein didn’t kill himself? Since that place is closed down, could it be used for housing?

The proposal, suggested in an Aug. 9 letter to Gov. Kathy Hochul’s administration, came as New York struggles to handle the estimated 100,000 migrants who have arrived in the city since last year after crossing the southern U.S. border.
The letter, written by a senior counsel for the city’s law department, identifies several other sites in which migrants could potentially be housed, including the defunct Metropolitan Correctional Center, which closed in 2021.

That shutdown came after the detention center, whose prisoners have included Mafia don John Gotti, associates of Osama bin Laden and the Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, came under new scrutiny because of squalid conditions and security lapses exposed following Epstein’s death.

Lawyers had long complained that the jail was filthy, infested with bugs and rodents, and plagued by water and sewage leaks so bad they had led to structural issues. — NYPost

The federal bureau of prisons did not answer the question directly, but made it clear that the jail is currently closed and no long-term tenant arrangements have yet been made.

If AOC ever goes home to visit her district in New York, we look forward to her next staged photo op to decry Mayor Adams and his handling of Biden’s Border crisis.

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