‘DATA GOLD MINE’: Comittee On CCP Sends Warning To FCC About Chinese Tech

Written by Wes Walker on August 19, 2023

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China has made it clear that they have every intention of displacing America as the unipolar global superpower. And they are willing to play dirty to accomplish that goal.

Shouldn’t we WANT to make it hard for them?

The Standing Committee on the CCP has sent a letter to the FCC detailing one way in which we can do exactly that. We can stop using tech that makes us vulnerable to their information-gathering tools.

Maria Bartiromo was talking about the letter on her show…

China did NOT like the fact that we are now actively plugging some of the holes China uses to spy on America. They said so in one of their government-controlled media outlets:

Newsweek had reported that a House committee scrutinising relations with China wrote to the Federal Communications Commission on August 7, asking it to address security concerns over the modules, which are made by about a dozen Chinese companies and sold widely around the world including in the U.S. The letter named Quectel and Fibocom Wireless, the two biggest Chinese companies in the sector.

The House Select Committee on Strategic Competition between the U.S. and the Chinese Communist Party is concerned that the modules are vulnerable to interference – not only spying but possibly also degrading communications systems or even switching America off.

The “cellular internet modules,” or cims, are designed to be able to send information back to servers in China and it is unclear how effective security measures to prevent that are, engineers and industry sources with knowledge of the equipment told Newsweek. — NewsWeek

Gallagher was not so easily scared off by China’s rhetoric in response to his committee’s letter, where a China Daily headline claimed, “World Burns on US Stake of Political Correctness”, and threatened retaliation:

The China Daily editorial threatened consequences for any action against its companies, highlighting earlier measures taken by the FCC to bar approvals of telecoms companies including Huawei on the grounds it could be a national security risk.

China will not “just stand by when its companies are unfairly treated,” it wrote. “The tit-for-tat between the world’s largest two economies, instigated by Washington, bodes ill for the global economy.” — NewsWeek

An interesting detail that might otherwise get lost in this story is the strategy that Chinese totalitarians have mapped out to change public opinion in their favor — and how similar it is to the Democrat/Corporate Media/Big Tech approach in demonizing disagreement as ‘misinformation’ and openly overwhelming/silencing it to achieve political aims.

Zillion Intelligence, a Beijing-based Internet of Things issues think tank affiliated to a Chinese technology company and with self-proclaimed links to the army, mapped out a strategy for China to overcome the new U.S. scrutiny.

The strategy would focus on mobilising global public opinion and overseas businesses to support China: “First, we can use domestic and foreign media platforms to publish professional views, refute the contradictory, amateurish and distorted views of the U.S. letter in multiple ways, and popularize appropriate knowledge to dispel the doubts of the global IoT industry,” Zillion said.

“Second, use the power of overseas partners, especially upstream and downstream partners for our cellular IoT modules, such as U.S. chip and IoT platform giants that are cooperating widely with our domestic IoT module enterprises, and the discourse power and professional judgment of these overseas allies, to work to gain favorable conditions for us and to influence relevant policies and decisions.” — NewsWeek

It’s almost uncanny how similar that language is to how Dems like to throw around the label ‘misinformation/disinformation’ label, isn’t it?

The duality of ‘our government view is the right one that must prevail over inappropriate knowledge’ sure looks a lot like the organized efforts to discredit and demonize those who raised doubts about vaccine mandates and efficacy.

The use of businesses with economic chokeholds on the supply chain to strongarm us into agreeing with the Chinese agenda? There is more than a passing resemblance between that tactic and Biden’s coercion of Big Tech to shut down conversation that undercut his team’s political agendas.

Reflecting on these similarities, maybe there’s a good reason leaders from within China’s Communist Party looked at Joe Biden’s family and people with whom they could ‘do business’?

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