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GADSDEN FLAG: School Blasts 12yo Kid For Patch On Backpack… That Was A MISTAKE

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Here’s what it looks like:

The idea of going viral might seem great — until you go viral for the wrong reasons. Just ask the teachers at a certain school in Colorado.

Teachers who cracked down on a 12yo kid for wearing the Gadsden flag on his backpack learned that the hard way. He was told he was not permitted not attend class so long as he had that backpack with him.

The reason? The Gadsden flag on his backpack was deemed too ‘offensive’. The excuse given had something to do with supposed associations with slavery.

Here is a clip of when his mom met with someone on staff at his school to sort out what the problem was.

Take a good look at his bag. He is using it for running in a school election.

Note the use of ‘based’ on his backpack.

This ought to be about as cut-and-dried an example of protected political speech as can be imagined. But he was kicked out of class for it anyway.

The staff has no such restrictions on ‘disruptive’ political speech of their teachers.

First update.

The school’s directors clued in that they were very much on the wrong side of a free speech issue.

Perhaps a little public shame over violating the 1a rights of a 12yo boy helped persuade them that this is an issue that needed to be sorted out before it got out of hand.

Or maybe Libertas Institute sent a letter reminding them of the consequences of violating a student’s Constitutional rights.

Whatever motivated the change of heart, Jaiden has returned to school, where he continues to wear his Gadsden flag.

At the tender age of 12, he’s already lived the principles it invokes. How about that!

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