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OUCH: RFK Just Took A BLOWTORCH To The CIA & Their Information Control Games… Against Americans

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Not only was Trump right to take the ‘fake news’ to the woodshed — he probably should have hit them harder. Kennedy rips the mask off and names names as he explains why.

With RFK having been on the short list of American citizens first in line to be silenced for WuFlu Wrongthink by Team Biden, Kennedy has real skin in this game.

Have you heard about ‘Operation Mockingbird’?
It’s Back!

The Twitter files showed us all that the tactic is still alive and well. Our government is manipulating the information we consume — for entirely political reasons.

The charter forbidding the CIA from using propaganda against Americans was, as Kennedy mentions, revoked by Obama.

We saw the deep state at work with Crossfire Hurricane. We saw it when people who knew all about Hunter’s Burisma connections orchestrated an impeachment attempt on Trump over a phone call. We saw it in the 2017/18 purge of Conservative social media content providers which permanently silenced many right-of-center news voices and bankrupting hundreds of sites. (That was the goal.)

Now we’ve been seeing it with COVID compliance, moderating which trans issues can and cannot be discussed, and issues concerning the 2020 election result and the J6 riot… as compared to, say the Lafayette Square attacks on the White House or the 100-day siege on federal buildings in Portland.

We’re sharing this video, not because we think RFK is a good candidate (some of his policies are as much of a dumpster-tire as Joe’s). We’re sharing it because he rips the mask off of what’s really going on with our media, and he names names… starting with OBAMA.

The CIA is not the friendly pro-American organization we’re supposed to think it is.

Many have their own agenda. We saw a glimpse of it when CIA director John Brennan apologized to the Senate for hacking into Senate computers so that Team Obama could know about their investigation into waterboarding.

Not a soul in the CIA was ever prosecuted by Obama’s DOJ.
What. A. Surprise.

Meanwhile, Wyden says the real play wasn’t just snooping:

Setting up people for charges? Sound familiar?

Is it any wonder that ‘misinformation and disinformation’ is one of the meida’s favorite buzzwords now?

That, together with sketchy fact-checkers that can scare away advertizers and further crush dissenting political voices, have been the tools these clods have used in advancing the Dems and the controlled opposition of the uniparty.

Is it any wonder they don’t like RFK?

He’s like Toto: he’s pulling back the curtain, and showing us that Oz is no great and powerful wizard after all.

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Wes Walker

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