Some Medical ‘Experts’ Say That Transgender-Identifying Males Have The RIGHT To Womb Transplants

Written by K. Walker on August 23, 2023

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Radical gender ideology has managed to get its corrosive tentacles into the medical establishment and that’s bad news for everyone.

While medical advancement continues, sometimes the “experts” aren’t stopping to ask if we should do something just because we can do it.

Worse still is insisting that something that cannot yet be done is a right and should be publicly funded.

That’s what is happening with the emphasis on making it possible for transgender-identifying males (men who believe themselves to be women) to have babies.

No, really. That’s actually happening.

On Wednesday, Julia Hartley-Brewer, a conservative TV host in the United Kingdom was reporting on the U.K.’s first successful womb transplant from one woman to her sister.

It’s a heartwarming story of sisterly love that will allow a woman who was unable to have a child of her own to do just that because of the selflessness of her older sister.

Hartley-Brewer and her guest discussed the story, the high costs of the transplant as well as the IVF procedure that will later be required, and that the womb transplants are categorized in such a way that they must be covered by the public health system in the United Kingdom, the National Health Service (NHS).

Two-thirds of the way through the 6-minute segment, Hartley-Brewer asks if this same procedure could be used for transgender-identifying men who have transitioned to become women and want to have a baby — and if it would be ethical.


Ironically, just after that segment, Hartley-Brewer’s next guest was Maya Forstater, the tax expert who lost her job over expressing her views that sex is binary, to discuss the increased push to criminalize views critical of the accepted neo-Gnostism of gender ideology.

After her appearance on Talk TV, Forstater posted on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) a screenshot of an article from The Telegraph quoting a gynecological surgeon who says that when it comes to implanting wombs in men, “We’re very aware that the 2010 Gender Equality Act mandates equal treatment for cisgender and transgender women.”

“Have they all lost their marbles?” asks Forstater in her post.

Yes, indeed it appears that they have.

Although, at least the experts in the U.K. are more circumspect than the ones in the United States.

As the Telegraph notes, U.S. transplant surgeons were insisting last week that they are “on the cusp of allowing transgender women [ie. men] to give birth to their own children.”

How exactly would “having their own child” work since “transgender women” don’t have female gametes — eggs? Would they use their own sperm and a donated egg? Questions abound.

This womb transplant surgery is still a new thing — only 90 procedures have been done around the world and in just 10 countries since the first successful transplant was done in Sweden 7 years ago. Most of these have involved a living donor and all have been done on biological women, and it should be obvious why that is.

While the medical “experts” may believe that the U.K.’s 2010 Gender Equality Act mandates that delusional and/or fetishist men are to be given wombs so that they can carry a child, there’s the whole thing about “technical feasibility” that may not make that possible at all.

It turns out that men and women are different, biologically speaking, and ideology doesn’t change that.

It goes beyond just gametes and genitals — there are differences in anatomy, pelvic structure, and even microbiome.

From the Telegraph article:

Lead surgeon Professor Richard Smith, a consultant gynaecological surgeon at Imperial College London, said there was not currently “technical feasibility”.
He said the pelvic anatomy, vascular anatomy and shape of the pelvis are different, and there are issues to overcome with the microbiome – the network of micro-organisms that live in the human body.
“We’re very aware that the 2010 Gender Equality Act mandates equal treatment for cisgender and transgender women,” he said.
“But that assumes technical feasibility. And in this case, currently, there is not technical feasibility.
He went on: “My own sense is if there are transgender transplants that are going to take place, they are many years off. There are an awful lot of steps to go through.
“My suspicion is a minimum of 10 to 20 years.”
Source: The Telegraph UK (archived)

The “Experts”: “The pelvic anatomy, vascular anatomy, and shape of the pelvis are different in men and women, and so is the microbiome, but hey, we can totally get there in the next decade!”

The body is quite complex and we don’t always know exactly how things work together.

The article doesn’t even mention the possibility of organ rejection or the increased risk of cancer that accompanies organ transplants.

Notice that nobody is talking about what hormonal and/or chemical concoction would be required to grow a baby in a male body and what effect that would have on the developing child.

That’s because it isn’t about the child — it’s about the transgender-identifying man affirming his “womanhood” by doing a thing that only women can do. The child’s safety and well-being take a backseat to the feelings of a gender-confused man.

But isn’t that always the case with women and children when it comes to “trans rights”?

It certainly seems to be.

It’s official … we’re in hell, and the regressive gender ideology based on stereotypes is a big part of why.

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