Pro-Life Group Scores WIN In Viewpoint Discrimination Case Against D.C.

Written by Wes Walker on August 17, 2023

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Throughout Washington DC, the summer of 2020 was marked by protest. But not all protesters were treated the same — so says an appeals court ruling.

A pro-life group who had faced charges for ‘chalking’

After the George Floyd incident, that summer was characterized by clashes between police and various kinds of protesters, especially those chanting BLM slogans. Buildings were damaged. Fires started. People got hurt.

But law enforcement in DC was very reluctant to press any charges.

Tellingly, Bill Barr described the explosive clash between ‘protesters’ and law enforcement outside of the White House on the day that the perimiter was so close to being breeched that Security instructed the First family to shelter in the Bunker. (Biden later mocked Trump’s supposed lack of courage because he followed the instructions of the Secret Service whose literal job description is to prevent assassination attempts.)

As discussed in my testimony, there was an exceptionally high number of officers injured during the protests around the White House complex. Some 150 officers were injured during the protests and half of those were injured around the White House. The Justice Department claimed 750 injured officers during the various protests. What is clear that is dozens of officers were injured and there are videotapes of officers hit by frozen bottles, bricks and other missiles. For two days, the violence continued with the burning of a historic structure, extensive property damage and the attempted burning down of the historic St. John’s Church. The attacks around the complex were so great that the President was moved into the bunker and officers said that they were concerned that the complex might be breached.
However, the record and videotapes demonstrate that there was a high level of violence and destruction in Lafayette Park. Indeed, there are analogies to the situation at the Capitol. As with the Capitol, National Guard personnel were brought in after the violence had occurred. Indeed, in Lafayette Park, there was violence for two days before the deployment and the clearing of the area. In both situations, fencing was added to protect an expanded perimeter. — JonathanTurley

Not only did the Mayor turn a blind eye to the violence in those protests, but she taunted the President by painting the BLM slogan on city streets just outside of the White House.

Compare that to how the same city’s legal teams treated pro-life protesters using harmless, removable chalk to make their message heard.

What was their message?

It, too, was a black lives matter message. With one word added.

Their message was Black ‘Pre-born’ Lives Matter.
In case you haven’t noticed,the left REALLY doesn’t like that message.

Two protesters who wrote it in chalk were arrested. They went to court. The case was dismissed. The dismissal was appealed. The Appeals court ruled in their favor that yes, DC HAD discriminated against their group on the basis of viewpoint. The dismissal was reversed, and the original lawsuit can go forward.

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