Trump Isn’t The ONLY Georgia Mugshot Whose Story We Should Be Talking About

Written by Wes Walker on August 25, 2023

The Trump Mugshot may be the big story of the day, and a political moment historians may well still be talking about decades from now. But another great story is being lost in the noise.

Both sides, understandably, are rallying around what they think the real significance of #TrumpMugshot is. The ‘first draft of history’ is already being written on social media, websites, and so-called news media.

THIS is what most people are talking about.

It’s a news story, obviously. We’ve been discussing that and the weaponizing of Biden’s DOJ in great detail over the years.

Rather than repeat all of the same observations everyone else is making about the mugshot, let’s look at this same issue through another lens.

Literally, let’s look through the lens of another mugshot. We all know that the deadline for the various defendants in the absurd RICO case to present themselves for booking was this week.

Obviously, this isn’t the complete collection of co-defendant mugshots. But it has the one we’re looking for.

Does one of these photos stand out from the others?

Of course it does. This one:

She changed her profile pic to match.

Jenna explained the story behind the story as a guest on some podcasts. The reference to her faith in the original post of her photo, and this tweet sum up the main points nicely:

The reactions have been terrific

Someone did exactly that:

ClashDaily loves the fighting spirit both Jenna and Trump have shown in this obscene situation.

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