WATCH: Chick With Gun Holds Intersection Hostage… Cop Takes Her To PAINTOWN

Written by Wes Walker on August 16, 2023

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If elected Democrats insist that the real gun problem in America comes from law-abiding gun owners, how do they explain videos like this?

Recently, elected Demcocrats floated a THOUSAND-percent tax on a certain category of ‘scary black rifles’ that they don’t want Americans to own. They are desperate to make gun ownership difficult for law-abiding citizens.

These are the same people who pressed for an end to ‘stop and frisk’ laws that helped cops pull a lot of illegal weapons off the street.

Between a reduction of police presence in solving crimes/arresting suspects, lenient bail provisions, and prosecutors now far less interested in punishing criminality than past prosecutors, lawless acts are becoming both more commonplace and far more brazen.

Combine that with rampant addiction and mental health crisis, and Biden pushing a border policy that amounts to a Cloward-Piven strategy of bringing the social safety net to a point of collapse and you have growing chaos in the streets.

By that we mean chaos like this clip from Long Island where a woman stood in an intersection and waved a gun at the crowd. It was a tense scene. Somebody could easily have been killed.

And then the cops showed up.

In a situation where someone pulls a gun in public and threatens strangers, there aren’t a lot of ways for police to de-escalate the situation.

It was reasonable to expect this would have ended in a fatality.

Cops found a creative way to take her down without putting a bullet in her. She WAS in an intersection, after all.

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