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Whistleblower Puts DOJ On Blast After Biden Investigation Reporting

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Over the weekend, both the NYTimes and Politico released stories about a document leak showing the communications between the DOJ and Hunter’s legal team.

It made the DOJ look even worse than it had before. The original deal was set up by the same ‘prosecution’ team that let the clock run out on several indictments. These indictments could have landed Hunter in some hefty prison time. Instead, Hunter was offered the immunity deal that was recently squashed in court, with one critical difference: NO obligation on Hunter’s part to plead guilty to any crime whatsoever.

The timeline makes it clear that it took whistleblower testimony and House oversight to eventually shame Garland’s DOJ into including at least some token charges in exchange for that immunity deal. But the deal fell apart under judicial scrutiny.

Biden’s defense team was adamant. The deal absolutely hinged on future immunity for Hunter Biden and his various companies. Why? That should be obvious. Such immunity would shield Hunter (and Joe) from any future investigations a Republican administration might open into criminal corruption charges.

Attorneys for Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley made the following comment in response to the New York Times story about the events that transpired in the Hunter Biden case.

“SSA Shapley came forward for nothing more than to do the right thing and tell truth. Everything we have learned since he came forward has only added to the credibility of the testimony he and SA Ziegler provided.

“Even after the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office ignored leads and limited avenues of investigation in the Hunter Biden case, they expressed support in February 2022 for charging Biden with three tax felonies and several misdemeanors. U.S. Attorney David Weiss’s need to go to other political appointees for approval changed those plans. Now, it appears that if it weren’t for the courageous actions of these whistleblowers, who had nothing to gain and everything to lose, Hunter Biden would never have been charged at all thanks to the sweetheart treatment of federal prosecutors in Delaware. This is exactly the sort of preferential treatment these IRS agents blew the whistle on to begin with, and highlights why someone independent needs to be appointed special counsel rather than David Weiss.”  — Empower Oversight

For sure.

On top of all the rest, the clock is still loudly ticking on other criminal charges that could be brought against Hunter Biden.

But wait, there’s more! (Isn’t there always?)

When Delaware’s acting U.S. attorney David C. Weiss celebrated a fraud conviction in 2010, he was joined by a key partner in the case: Beau Biden, the state’s attorney general.

Weiss worked with Joe Biden’s eldest son to hash out prosecution strategies. “We will continue to aggressively pursue all types of fraud in order to protect the public,” Weiss said in his part of a statement with Beau Biden on the fraud case.

Today, that little-known history highlights the deep challenges Weiss faces as he pursues a newly recharged investigation into Beau’s brother, Hunter Biden, in a small state long politically dominated by their father. — WaPo

As this whole shame of an investigation continues to unspool, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look into whether criminal obstruction has occurred among some of the top players in this investigation — right up to Merrick and Garland themselves.

If there was — and it sure looks like there could have been — the whole lot of them need the same public horsewhipping that Nixon’s administration got.

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