Will Biden Have A ‘Katrina’ Moment For Sunbathing On Beach During Maui Wildfires?

Written by Wes Walker on August 15, 2023

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Imagine how different Joe’s time in office would be if anyone in the Corporate media was even the slightest bit hostile to him?

It’s easy to say that the media had a singular hatred for Trump — and they did — but he was hardly the first target on their partisan hit list. It’s only after Republicans either (a) willingly serve a leftwing political cause or (b) become politically inconsequential so that the media can safely use them as the ‘even worse than’ before picture for the next guy they want to demonize.

We haven’t forgotten already that before Trump was the villain du jour that Mitt Romney was a jerk who had ‘binders full of women’, beat up people in high school because they were gay and drove around with a dog on the roof of his car — or that ‘War Hero McCain’ who single thumb-ed-ly was a warmonger who was sure to lead America into a pointless war with Iran?

Dems sudeenly had a ‘strange new respect’ for both failed Presidential hopefuls when they were a useful cudgel to hit Trump over the head with.

What about Dick ‘War Criminal’ Cheney and his idiot puppet (or is it evil genius) George Dubya Bushitler?

For everything else he had survived in his Presidency, the press reporting on how he handled Hurricane Katrina came as a death blow. And that was by design.

In the Trump years, something as simple as a wardrobe choice that was (we are told) intended as a IDGAF message from Melania to the endlessly critical media became a ‘scandal’ when we saw the I Really Don’t Care jacket turned into a message about a callous Trump administration.

If there was any interest at all in playing by a uniform set of rules under which the entire government class was expected to operate, the regime media would be every bit as savage with their treatment of Joe Biden parking his ass in a lawnchair on a beach with nearly a hundred confirmed dead in Maui and maybe a thousand people still unaccounted for.

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