LMAO: Aussie Chick Is Offended By American Flags… Abbott’s Response Was PERFECT

Written by Wes Walker on August 15, 2023

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Some Australian chick took to the Chinese spyware app so she could bitch about how many American flags she saw in… America.

The girl — Mia, is it? — complained that someone was making ‘a bloody fortune’ in selling all those flags everywhere. (Just wait until she hears about how much people have been making off of the time she spends online!)

She is sick to death of seeing all these flags everywhere. How dare you be patriotic! In Australia, she hardly ever sees her own country’s flag. She even admits to not knowing what her own damned flag looks like.

Which is kind of sad, since I could describe it to her — including the constellation and the Union Jack in the corner. I could also describe some of the heroic acts of her country’s history, and the shameful acts of her country’s much more recent COVID lockdown past.

And she’s bothered by Old Glory?

Like the Man in Black, most of us are rather proud of that Ragged Old Flag.

It waved back at this Australian girl wherever she looked. She didn’t like it and she had to lecture the rest of us about it.

Someone on Twitter (X) found Mia’s video and posted it.

It came to Governor Abbott’s attention. He had an answer for her:

If you feel strongly about lecturing someone about humility… how about you turn your attention to the country whose propaganda app you are using to talk smack about America?

China’s ‘Dear Leader’ has been pressuring Christians to take down their crosses and put up posters of… himself.

And she’s supporting his totalitarian regime, by using his propaganda app. Maybe she ought to learn some humility before trying to lecture others about it. It wouldn’t hurt her to pick up a copy of this book while she’s here:

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