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You Won’t BELIEVE What The Regime Media’s Latest Excuse For The Biden Crime Family Is … (VIDEO)

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This is so disgusting.

There is no journalism on MSNBC, they are Regime propagandists and there is apparently no depth to which they will not stoop to defend Joe Biden.

This is the same network that pushed the Russian Collusion hoax for years and brought Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) — the wannabe Joe McCarthy — on to make preposterous claims of “proof” that he couldn’t reveal because it was all a figment of his imagination.

On Tuesday’s Morning Joe, Jonathan Lemire, Politico‘s White House Bureau Chief and host of MSNBC’s Way Too Early and Washington Post’s Associate Editor, Eugene Robinson, both peddled the same ridiculous talking point that sounds like it came straight from the clueless White House Comms team — it was a “fraught” time for the Biden family because of Beau Biden’s brain cancer.

Lemire said that there is “no evidence at all” that Joe Biden profited from Hunter’s business dealings or that either of them had committed any crime. He went on to say that because Beau Biden was ill and dying, the President just “wasn’t as attentive as he should have been” regarding Hunter’s behavior. Lemire then says that the Republicans are basically wishing a scandal into existence.

Robinson agreed with Lemire that “there is nothing there.” Continuing in the vein of non-journalism that is typical of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, he even chuckled as he speculated that the then-Vice President could’ve been wondering why Hunter kept putting him on the phone, and reiterated that the context was a “fraught and sad time” for the Biden family because of Beau’s death.

“You know important family is to the President, and so … do you hang up on your son at any time — but certainly at a moment like that, and probably the answer is ‘no’,” Robinson continued his contemplation of what might have happened.

In the second video posted by Tom Elliott, Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY), who, incidentally, was the lead majority counsel in the first impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, then parroted the exact same thing.

This is the same guy that said yesterday after Devon Archer’s closed-door testimony, that Joe was probably just discussing the weather with Hunter’s business partners.

ARCHER TESTIMONY: Do You See Panic In Goldman’s Eyes As He Slaps Lipstick On This Pig?

The third clip shows how committed MSNBC is to defending Joe Biden by using leading questions to allow a Democrat Congressman to cast doubts on the validity of the GOP investigation into the Biden Crime Family.

The message is that it’s mean to go after Joe for influence peddling because the family was grieving the death of Beau.

“Just give the Biden family a break because they’ve been through a lot!”


And it’s not just MSNBC trying to pull on heartstrings, the New York Times is gaslighting while changing the story in real time.

This is the nonsense that passes as journalism today.

Imagine what elections would actually look like if America didn’t have propaganda outlets pretending to be serious news organizations.

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K. Walker

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