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ADL Went To War With Twitter — Elon Is Fighting Back… In Court

Most content, so far as it does not violate a law, will be (in the broad sense) permissible. That includes offensive words.

Pick any significant figure on the political right sometime and have a look at the offensive things said about him or her… some of it even meets the specific criteria the left has in mind when they say ‘hate speech’. (Look up what they have to say about Clarence Thomas, for example.)

Those posts stay up and nobody makes a fuss. Because we tolerate speech — even when it is vile speech — so long as laws are not broken in saying it.

Elon reiterated that point.

Then he made a point about ADL pressuring advertisers.

If the claim is that he’s antisemetic and any advertiser that does business with Elon is in danger of being accused of supporting an antisemite, Elon will have to do something our own Justice system does not ask of the accused.

Elon will have to prove his innocence in this matter in order to have them stop hounding his advertisers.

Have you noticed how many right-of-center blogs suddenly disappeared? That’s because players in silicon valley used the very same tactics to chase away our advertisers and throttle our reach.

Many went bankrupt. That was the entire point of the left’s strategy. They wanted to silence political dissent by bankrupting it. And they will keep using it so long as it keeps working.

Unfortunately for ADL, there is some strong evidence in Musk’s favor that any criticism they are bringing at Twitter / X has been a coordinated effort to control/destroy and not a good-faith campaign against a particular subset of bad actors.

Then again, acting in good faith is not exactly their strong suit. Here’s how their website defines racism:

Right. He’s one of THAT variety of activists.

Someone named Keith came forward with the proverbial ‘receipts’.

Note the dates.

November 4, 2022, ADL announces they are doing exactly what Elon has accused them of doing…

November 18, 2022, they are calling for competitors and the functional death of Twitter.

Presumably, Elon was not as responsive to ADL strong-arming as, say, Iceland was in THIS story on the topic and they wanted to make an example of him.

Keith had a lot to say on this topic over the past few days. Here is another one.

This screenshot from Cornell’s website seems like it might be relevant at this point…

To give our readers a better idea of the scope of what’s at stake here, Elon responded to someone else’s tweet sharing a previous judgment whose court ruling punished ADL for defamation in another case.

Here’s the judgment:

Here’s Elon’s reply:

As far as numbers in a court case go, that’s a big one.

Remember that famous quote where Andrew Breitbart blasted the left for their race-baiting? Remember that defiant declaration?

F**k you.

And if Elon standing up and pushing back against a censorious bully wasn’t already interesting enough… imagine if Tucker decided to get involved.

Because he’d have some decent grounds.

That mess could get interesting indeed. Greenblatt never learned the most important rule a bully needs to remember: Be careful when you pick a fight.

Because you never know when the other guy might decide to take a stand and fight back.

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Wes Walker

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