New Homicide Stats Are Out And Mexican Cities Took A Beating

Written by Wes Walker on September 5, 2023

This is the kind of story that should make even the staunchest leftist reconsider Biden’s Border policy.

If it weren’t bad enough that the cartels — who have been making record profits in the Biden years — have defacto control of the border and are terrorizing border towns to the point that our own consulate is giving ‘shelter in place’ orders to their staff; Mexico is now the murder capitol of the world — several times over.

Gone are the days when people would speak of war-torn cities like Beiruit, Tripoli or Kabul as a benchmark for places where you can turn down a wrong street and wind up the next murder victim. Now cities like those can speak of North America in the same way.

One American city is in the top ten per-capita murder rate in the world (perhaps not the one you think), and Mexico ran the table with the others.

Eleven of 15 of the world’s most dangerous cities — per capita — are in Mexico, according to a World of Statistics report referenced in an article on DailyMail.

Here are how the most dangerous cities rank, per that report:

1. Colima (Mexico)
2. Zamora (Mexico)
3. Ciudad Obregón (Mexico)
4. Zacatecas (Mexico)
5. Tijuana (Mexico)
6. Celaya (Mexico)
7. Uruapan (Mexico)
8. New Orleans (USA)
9. Ciudad Juárez (Mexico)
10. Acapulco (Mexico)

(Numbers 13 and 14 were also Mexican cities.)

None of these cities were in South America, North Africa, or the Middle East. None of them were in what we would normally consider ‘failed states’ where national government devolves into factionalized fighting. None of these cities were in places like Niger or Gabon which had actual coup d’etats. Or even the civil war in Sudan.


Mexico has the dubious distinction of supplying eleven of the fifteen deadliest cities in the world.

Meanwhile, their President imagines he has moral authority to finger-wag at America?


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