Church Targeted With Repeated Vandalism By Pro-Abort & LGBT Groups — Is This A Hate Crime?

Written by Wes Walker on September 14, 2023

If there was a time when our FBI offered a $5k reward for the person who placed a piece of raw bacon on the handle of a mosque, surely they would take an interest in the repeat offense of vandalism against a church…

Surely this is every bit as deserving to be treated as a ‘hate crime’ as that story about the bacon which — while significant to Muslims for religious reasons — could be restored to its original condition in about a minute with some ordinary soap and water.

If non-violent protesters are sitting in prison for FACE violations of protesting an abortion mill in which the owner was reportedly letting born-alive babies die because they were unwanted, surely they can spare some investigators to look into the willful damage done to a church for promoting a pro-life message.

With multiple incidents of the vandalism of a house of worship, locals are raising the possibility of this being treated as a hate crime.

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