‘Fight Club’ Author Puts Cultural Gatekeepers On BLAST — Here’s What They ALL Get Wrong (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on September 15, 2023

Fight Club was an edgy film that played a role in defining a generation. It was gritty, dark, and explored parts of the human psyche that few storytellers dare to explore.

In other words, it was NOTHING like the typical Hollywood flick coming off the assemblyline whose plot points you can very nearly predict with the precision of a stopwatch.

With Chuck Palahniuk releasing a new book, it gave Jesse Watters a chance to have him on and ask him about what makes his work so different from the domesticated drivel we see with so many other offers.

Risk was a big part of his answer. So was insanity.

See for yourself:

He also gives a window into the idea behind his new book, and what it serves as a metaphor to describe.

Seeing how he described it, it’s hard to believe he was able to publish it at all.

Christians should take note of that kind of boldness, even if they see it in an outsider. It should challenge us to raise our game.

This will help you in that effort:

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