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HILARIOUS: Schumer Backpedals As Senate Unanimously Upholds Formal Dress Code

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Just a few days ago, Schumer and Fetterman were mocking the GOP for caring that Fetterman couldn’t be bothered to dress appropriately for work.

Fetterman went on TV to pound his chest over it.

They were mocked over it…

Fetterman immediately took the opportunity to showcase his flaunting of traditions by bringing the gavel down while wearing the kind of outfit you’d do yardwork in.

It wasn’t just the criticism. It was the ridicule.

This one took a little help from AI…

Rand rolled with the joke well, quipping something about having specifically said there were to be ‘no photos’.

In the end, Schumer saw that even his own side was turning against him on his rule change, since it was making Dem senators look unserious while they are already under a lot of scrutiny because one of them is (literally) brain-damaged, and another one is indicted on charges of having taken gold bars from foreign governments.

So he relented, and whipped the party — including Fetterman — into giving unanimous support to a motion by Joe Manchin to restore the dress code.

The great sartorial scandal over John Fetterman’s signature hoodie-and-shorts has now come to a close after the Senate unanimously passed a resolution enacting a formal dress code.

The resolution, brought forth by fellow Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, W. Va., passed without a formal vote by unanimous consent and clarified that the Senate floor would have a formal dress code.

Hours earlier, Fetterman had already announced he would wear a suit and tie while speaking or presiding over the Senate floor. Fetterman, like others, could still wear his trademark garb and vote from the cloak room on the edge of the Senate floor.

‘Though we’ve never had an official dress code, the events over the past week have made us all feel as though formalizing one is the right path forward,’ Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor. —DailyMail

But if the thought the mockery was over? Well…

It’s not.

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