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Is This MASSIVE Community Near Houston A Trojan Horse For Cartels?

ClashDaily has been keeping up with questions on the border, including a massive resettlement project underway north of Houston in Texas, where an entire city is being built from scratch by foreign nationals.

We first reported on that story here: MASSIVE New Housing Projects Going Up In TX Thanks To Biden’s Open Border (VIDEO)

Since then, Daily Wire has sent a helicopter to investigate just how serious this is.
It’s bad. Really bad.

Located in Liberty County, Texas near the small town of Plum Grove, the Colony Ridge development is a sprawling community that, based on an analysis of publicly available information, is now over 60 square miles and nearly the size of the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Its population is estimated to be anywhere between 50,000 to 75,000, and it is growing rapidly thanks to a marketing plan targeted at Texas’ hispanic population.

The Daily Wire surveyed the development by helicopter to assess the true extent of its growth. The flight began in the wealthy Woodlands neighborhood, but it was only minutes before the designer homes and pools gave way to half-built homes, dilapidated trailers, and heaps of trash.

Houses on the ground fly the flags of foreign countries and many homes display their addresses on spray painted pieces of plywood. Many structures, some of which are not hooked up to running water, were under construction, while others were unfinished but didn’t appear to be actively getting worked on. At least one plot of land didn’t have any structures at all, just a tent in the corner, nestled between shrubs. Stray dogs without collars could be seen trotting along the side of the underdeveloped streets.
[…] Colony Ridge, owned and operated by developer William “Trey” Harris, is rapidly expanding, at least in part due to a financing arrangement that makes it possible for illegal aliens to buy land deep in the heart of Texas. While traditional financing methods require credit ratings and proof of income, Todd Bensman, a National Security Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, told The Daily Wire that buyers at Colony Ridge are able to circumvent the usual requirements, even dodging the need to provide a social security number.

“Because with a traditional bank loan you need to be able to show that you have a credit rating and proof of income,” Bensman said, adding that buyers at Colony Ridge are asked to pay as little as a “few hundred dollars” as a down payment. “The loan is directly from the developer, bypassing traditional mortgages,” and while the buyer might pay high interest rates near 15%, it’s a great deal for someone with no other option to buy land in the country, Bensman explained. — DailyWire

Ads for Colony Ridge are explicitly targeting Spanish-speaking foreigners.

Irregularities and code violations in this community are not new. In 2020, a website called ‘reduce flooding’ had numerous posts on the area including improper drainage issues that will contribute to downstream flooding a story about what might be best characterized as a nasty little foreclosure racket they’ve got going on.

The developer foreclosed on more than 2,700 properties before Thanksgiving this year, according to Dolcefino. With another 200 on the auction block tomorrow, that will make 2,900 – out of a total of 22,356 properties (according to the developer’s website). That’s about 13% of all the lots in Colony Ridge, foreclosed on in ONE year. More than one in eight!

According to Dolcefino, the foreclosure auction should take place on the steps of the Liberty County Courthouse from 10 to 1 tomorrow. Dolcefino caught the developer’s employees faking an auction last time.

Colony Ridge So Far Has Managed to Repurchase Every Foreclosure
Dolcefino also says that Colony Ridge has repurchased 100% of the lots it has foreclosed on. Thus, the developer sells and resells the properties many times over in a revolving door arrangement.

Colony Ridge boasts that they finances land transactions themselves. The developer makes it exceedingly easy to purchase the property with down payments as low as a few hundred dollars. But then he charges up to 13% interest rates on the balance. And the fees for water and sewage hookups can be astronomical. — ReduceFlooding

Our correspondent, ‘The Texian’ had some thoughts on what’s really going on here. He pulled no punches:

The foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) pouring over the dissolved U.S. border from Mexico, rape/labor/dope/weapons cartels, are not ‘benefiting’ from this, they are DRIVING THIS ENTIRE OPERATION.

The Mexican FTOs are the brains and money and coercion behind this effort. Your rogue, salaried servants in Texas have jumped sides and are working for the FTOs.

This ‘development’ (the illegal alien industrial complex) is being called “Rape City”.

Do you agree?

And what do you think should be done about it?

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