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Organizer Of Canada-Wide Protest Opposing Gender Ideology Has A Message For Counter-Protesters … (VIDEO)

The “1 Million March For Kids” is scheduled for Wednesday morning and a number of groups are committed to opposing it. This should get interesting.

Kamel El-Cheikh, a Muslim dad, organized the protest that is happening in cities all across Canada. News organizations are saying that it as big a challenge to law enforcement as the 2022 Freedom Convoy.

Like El-Cheikh, a lot of Muslims in Canada — many of whom are immigrants — have had it with the cult-like gender ideology that is being relentlessly shoved at kids in schools, and they’re done playing the “Polite Canadian” game.

Last summer, after Billboard Chris and Josh Alexander’s successful “Education Over Indoctrination” event in June, Muslim parents started organizing and protesting on their own, and it’s spectacular.

Here they are in front of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office demanding that the militant Pride Progress flag be taken down and replaced with a Canadian flag.

Soon after that, El-Cheikh began organizing the “1 Million March For Kids” inviting Canadians from all faiths and backgrounds to join together and oppose the grooming of kids into leftist gender ideology.

The backlash against this has been pretty amazing.

At first, Leftists didn’t really know what to do since it was largely organized by Muslims, but as the protest expanded to city after city, they knew that they had to do something to oppose it.

Trantifa, Rainbow Groomers, and the Transhausen Mommies are gathering (masked, of course) to counter-protest.

In addition, large unions that push far-left policies have come together to smear the protest as “extreme far-right.”

Video of a “secret” meeting was shared online.

A few unions posted on X (formerly Twitter) their opposition to the protest. I’m sure they received consent from all of their members before doing so, right?

The Canadian Union of Postal Employees (CUPE) is a very powerful union in Canada with the Ontario chapter alone boasting over 280,000 members. The CUPE Ontario X account states that the union “campaigns for legislative and political change to defend public services, communities, equity, and workers’ rights.”

They called it a protest organized by the “ultra-conservative right.”

Ontario Public Service Employees Union, representing more than 180,000 government employees across the province claims that the protest is organized by “hate groups.”

The British Columbia Federation of Labour also weighed in, apparently siding with “trans people” against the “anti-trans rallies.”

The Ontario Elementary Teachers’ union is doubling down on pushing the gender stuff under the guise of having “inclusive” schools.

It’s so absurd that unions which claim to be just about advocating for workers’ rights are deciding to pick a side on an issue like this one. A lot of their members are parents, after all. According to a recent poll, the vast majority of Canadians don’t like the way that gender ideology is being shoved into classrooms and that kids are being socially transitioned behind their parents’ backs.

But then, Neo-Marxists gonna Neo-Marxist, right?

This could backfire in a very, very bad way.

Kamel El-Cheikh has posted a video and said that if there are counter-protests by teachers, unions, or the Rainbow Mafia, the gloves are off. They should expect the same at every event — every Pride Parade, every Drag Show… everything.

Having Muslims protest en masse every Rainbow event during Rainbow Season would make Libs heads explode.

The thing is, protest and, yes, counter-protest is fine in Canada. El-Cheikh shouldn’t be telling people to stay home — they have just as much right to counter-protest as he does to protest. But the larger point, I think, is that although many Canadians don’t like the new iteration of the ever-expanding 2SLBGTQIA+ that includes critical gender theory, there haven’t been organized protests against their events. Pride Parades go on without much of a counter despite the hysteria in the media fearmongering about the rampant “anti-LGBTQ+ hate” in Canada leading up to the events.

Nevertheless, some of the other activists pushing back on the gender indoctrination of kids is pointing that this is not helpful for a peaceful movement made up of parents.

Of course, your intrepid Canuck correspondent will be in Ottawa at the protest, just like I was last time.

Reporting From The Frontlines Of The ‘Education Over Indoctrination’ Event

Stay tuned, this could be epic!

Sir John, Eh!

Sir John, Eh! is ClashDaily's anonymous Canadian Correspondent who brings the Canuck perspective while reporting on what's going on in Justin Trudeau's woketopia.