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Leftist Lawfirms Called Out By GOP For Attempting To Bankrupt Oil Companies

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Hunter Biden is by no means the only topic of interest to the GOP. Senator Cruz and Chairman Comer have an interest in a law firm that has been targeting oil companies in a suspicious way.

Since lawfare is one of the known tactics employed by the left, involves the systematic targeting of a person, industry, or representative of a viewpoint for the express purpose of financially ruining them, it is relevant both for Ted Cruz’s role as chair of Senate Commerce as well as Chairman Comer’s role in House oversight to find out whether American corporations are the target of a malicious conspiracy to destroy law-abiding members of an industry the left considers repugnant.

If such a campaign exists, there is a compelling legislative reason to know about it, because laws should be amended to protect individuals and groups from malicious bad-faith lawsuits.

U.S. Senate Commerce Committee Ranking Member Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) today sent a letter to the law firm Sher Edling LLP demanding information related to the firm’s barrage of lawsuits targeting energy companies, and the role the acting administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Ann Carlson, played in these lawsuits while serving as a professor at UCLA Law School.

Sen. Cruz and Rep. Comer wrote:

Over the past five years, your law firm, Sher Edling LLP (“Sher Edling”), has launched a barrage of lawsuits aimed at bankrupting oil and gas companies. While people may use their resources to bring whatever cases they want—even those that may be so frivolous as to be sanctionable—it appears that left-wing funds are footing the bill for Sher Edling’s climate crusade. Radical activists are backing these lawsuits, too. Ann Carlson, the acting administrator of the National Highway and Traffic Administration (“NHTSA”), gave legal services to Sher Edling while she was a professor at University of California, Los Angeles (“UCLA”) School of Law. Ms. Carlson’s prior work for your firm raises concerns about her current efforts to extralegally create new climate policy through vehicle fuel economy standards. As the Republican leaders of the Senate and House committees with oversight over energy policy and NHTSA, we seek information concerning the third-party donations funding your firm’s climate cases as well as Ms. Carlson’s role in those lawsuits.

Sher Edling has established a niche for itself in the so-called “climate cases” field. Since 2017, Sher Edling has filed over twenty such cases on behalf of Democrat-controlled states, counties, and cities. These lawsuits distort common law causes of action—like public nuisance claims, which target wrongful conduct that directly harmed the plaintiff—and allege that oil and gas companies are liable for causing “climate change-related injuries.” Sher Edling’s lawsuits rely upon a daisy-chain causation theory: energy companies extracted and sold fossil fuels knowing that their actions caused climate change; climate change, in turn, triggered weather events like storm surges and droughts that would not have occurred but for the extraction and sale of the companies’ fossil fuels; these events damaged the state’s property and resources; and the state incurred expenses to address the damage. In effect, Sher Edling is asking courts to create novel liability for perfectly legal activities without alleging those activities directly harmed anyone.

Sher Edling purports to be taking a righteous gamble that this ludicrous argument will pan out. The firm shopped these lawsuits to jurisdictions around the country. And to convince them to sign up for what is likely to be very costly litigation, Sher Edling agreed to provide its legal services at no cost unless it obtained a “settlement against the industry.” So far, however, it is unlikely Sher Edling has earned any fees from these lawsuits, as none has settled. — Commerce Senate

The full text of the letter sent by Cruz and Comer can be found here.

It isn’t just oil companies that are the target of such lawsuits. We have Dem operatives saying in their own words that they would unleash exactly this tactic on Trump. They put it in writing back in 2017 even before he was sworn in. They have executed that plan to the letter… and it continues to this day in the gazillion or so indictments dropped on Trump’s head.

If you click the following link to the 49 page PDF, pay particular attention to the role of supposedly non-partisan watchdog CREW in this multi-prong attack plan. David Brock’s Media Matters War Plan 2017

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Wes Walker

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