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News Wire Tries To Throw Stones Over GOP Debate — Exposes Own Crazy Bias Instead

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The terms ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ are thrown around more than a skinny teen in a mosh pit. It sure would suck if some of those rock-throwers lived in glass houses.

Is America headed for a recession?

The GOP debate at the Reagan Library is almost upon us, and the traditional gatekeepers have their noses out of joint that nobody asked them to moderate the debate. Naturally, they are throwing stones at the upstart rival that took their place.

Maybe you have noticed by now that every story that challenges official talking points of the political left gets fact-checked to oblivion by supposedly reputable and independent sources. Unfortunately for those sources, we are seeing cracks in the wall these gatekeepers are trying to rebuild around our news and information sources.

The chokehold they had on information is slipping in no small part to Elon Musk buying Twitter/X and opening it up to the army of Community notes which has done a marvellous job of exposing the hard-left bias of most so-called fact-checkers, often disabusing them of their lies in real time.

It is so good at its role as ‘fact-checker’ that it’s making life for political spin doctors on either side of the aisle harder by giving context to shaded phrases that the comms teams would REALLY prefer not to see introduced into the conversation.

Twitter/X has done a great service for liberating social media. Rumble has delivered a similar impact on the video services side as a counterweight to the YouTube monopoly.

Suddenly, the company with a shameless record of stifling voices the Biden administration did not approve of — including Democrats like RFK with the wrong views of COVID — has a free speech rival.

After years of the left’s shameless claims that Trump was somehow a threat to journalism, you might expect that a news wire service like the AP would welcome more voices to the public square. After all, the very same First Amendment undergirding Rumble’s business model is what gives groups like the Associated Press the privileged power and position in society that they enjoy.

Instead, they have used the occasion of the RNC debate to blast Rumble for daring to allow people that disagree with the AP to participate in … you guessed it … free speech.

The second Republican presidential debate will be broadcast Wednesday on Fox Business Network and Univision, but the exclusive online livestream will take place on Rumble, an alternative video-sharing platform that has been criticized for allowing— and at times promoting — far-right extremism, bigotry, election disinformation and conspiracy theories.

By bringing viewers to Rumble to watch the GOP debate, as it did with the first one last month, the Republican National Committee is driving potential voters to a site crawling with content that flouts the rules of more mainstream ones such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Earlier this year, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said using Rumble instead of YouTube as its livestreaming partner was a decision aimed toward ” getting away from Big Tech.” — AP

We notice that AP failed to mention that lawsuits exposing collusion between Silicone Valley giants like Google and Facebook/Meta actively silencing right-of-center voices.

Nor did the AP disclose their own conflicts of interest in this story owing to the fact that they receive enormous funding from liberal dark money groups.

Here are just a few examples from a lengthy and detailed FreeBeacon piece detailing just how biased the AP’s major donors are.

The Associated Press is also taking nonprofit money to fund coverage of race and climate. The organization’s “democracy journalism initiative,” a division whose reporters cover “the intersection of race and voting,” is bankrolled by nonprofits such as the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation. That organization also funds Stacey Abrams’s New Georgia Project and the left-wing activist group Take Back the Court, which advocates for expanding the Supreme Court.

A recent AP article on the topic asserts that the Supreme Court in a 2013 landmark decision “tossed out the heart” of the Voting Rights Act, when in reality the Court ruled that nine southern states would no longer have to “pre-clear” election law changes with the federal government. The AP lamented in another story that “far-right conservatives” in Tennessee were elected to city council seats. A February news report said that “GOP election tactics” intentionally disenfranchised black voters in Wisconsin.
[…] The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, for example, provided $500,000 in 2022 to the Associated Press’s “democracy journalism initiative.” The foundation recently blasted the Supreme Court decision to overturn affirmative action, saying the decision “impedes colleges and universities from selecting their own student bodies and fully addressing systemic racial inequalities that persist.”

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation spent $2.5 million on the AP’s climate and education reporting verticals and sent $400,000 to its democracy journalism initiative. The foundation also funds Planned Parenthood and organizations such as Advocates for Youth, which promotes transgender ideology to kindergartners. — FreeBeacon

Hey ALI SWENSON. How about you and the entire AP you work for take a hike.

Conservatives can — and will — make use of the same First Amendment that makes your profession possible. Rumble is doing the job you are unable to do now that you are a wholly owned subsidy of the DNC bundlers… they are giving voice to an entire range of opinions… and not just the ones their political masters permit them to say.

You should really try it sometime. Because the other option is not meaningfully different from Stalin’s Soviet Union or Xi’s CCP.

In case you are so far gone that we need to explain it to you — that’s a BAD thing.

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