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WATCH: Leader McCarthy Takes Reporter To TRUTHTOWN Over The Looming Shutdown

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Maybe you’ve noticed the corporate media always loves to march lockstep with offical Democrat talking points. They are doing it yet again as the government shutdown question looms over us.

But McCarthy as easy to roll and intimdate as, for example, Paul Ryan would have been before him. Back when Chuck Schumer dug in his heels to shut down the government rather than allowing the Republican majority to pass and sign legislation that would fully fund Trump’s wall, the media let Democrats blame Trump for it.

Once the gavel was back in Pelosi’s hands and there was no danger of the wall being built, government was quietly reopened. Democrats got what they wanted, and Republicans took the blame.

We currently have divided government. A (very) slim majority of Republicans holds the balance of power in the House. An even slimmer majority of Democrats handed Schumer the gavel in the Senate.

The two biggest issues hanging over our heads are the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our border every single day and the runaway debt, which (in turn) drives inflation. Both of those issues are critical to the budget that needs to be passed.

If the Senate passes yet ANOTHER lame ‘continuing resolution’, neither of those issues will be addressed in the budget going forward.

As you can see in the clip above, McCarthy understands that issue. He also understands that the HOUSE has been doing its job and has been passing separate budget bills on many of the 12 aspects of government that require funding. In the first part of this clip he is ripping Biden a new one on the broken Border, and listing point-by-point Biden’s failures that have left the country worse off than when he found it. When a reporter took the question to the shutdown, trying to lay it at the GOP’s feet, he was ready for that trap, and he turned responsibility to where it belongs… right at the feet of the man Rush used to call Chuck U. Schumer.

Chuck Schumer’s senate has not shown that he takes ANY of these issues seriously.

Nor has Schumer lifted a single finger in address either of the issues that loom large in this budget, because he doesn’t give a DAMN about them. He LIKES the runaway spending, he is too wealthy to be personally impacted by the negative consequences of the economy, and members of his own party have specifically made claims that their own electoral future is closely linked to the question of illegal immigration — as former Hillary Clinton’s staffer asserted in a leaked email at around the time that Schumer shut down the government last time.

If he successfully shuts it down this time, do you know what will happen?

Any legislation forcing the completion of the wall will be successfully shut down — yet again.

Will the corporate media report on that? Of course not. That’s why, around here, we call the fake news stooges Presstitutes, or the Media(D).

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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